Tuesday, January 25, 2011

But But But...

I've lived with them for so long now. 

The characters in my novel.  It's going to be a full two years in March since I started writing it.  I'm on draft 6 now, but have hit so many large brick walls that I'm starting to wonder if I should just shelf it for awhile and move on to another story?

And the issues this manuscript has caused me so far.  A big part of the drama from last year had to do with it.  A couple of editors who made promises but did nothing but take my money. A local publisher who did nothing but make empty promises. And two online publishers who did nothing but make empty promises.  3 artists who agreed to do my cover art and I saw nothing from them.

Makes me wonder if it's still worth it?  I'm at the point where my novel doesn't inspire me anymore, it just seems like a tired mass of words now.  I think it might be time to put it aside for a few months and work on something new.

Yes? No? Maybe?

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