Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Slaw of it

Keeping this blog drama free is going to be tough.  Really tough.

I had made a coleslaw yesterday, and took some over to mom's.  Before she even had the fork anywhere near her face she screwed up her nose and said she didn't like it.  She would not even taste it.

I could buy a new plate that she's never seen, make something, put it on the plate and take it over to her place telling her the neighbour made it and she would not stop to breathe as she ate it, all the while telling me how I should be such a good cook as the "neighbour".  Then tell her that I actually made it and she would complain about how it needed this or was too much that and that the dish wasn't as refined as it could be.

I know cause I've actually bought a new bowl she'd never seen and made a casserole and done this.

In the book turned movie Eat Pray Love , one of the comments that the lead character makes is that you need to have a loving support system in your life to be successful. A support system that supports you and that you support. 
I sure as hell do not have that support system.

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