Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 13

Well, morning actually.
Once again, I find myself watching the movie Julie/Julia  which I seem to be watching now about once a week.  This morning, I even watched the little feature on the disk on the making of.

In the making of feature, they talk about how both Julie Powell and Julia Child were at a crossroads in their lives.  One was about to turn 30 the other about to turn 40. Both felt like their lives were at a odd point.
The question asked to both was "what do you really love to do?"   Food seemed to be the answer.

While Julia Child wrote her way to food by co-creating a cookbook, Julie Powell cooked her way to a writing career by creating a blog about using the cookbook.

So what has all this to do with me right now right here in in 2011?
I'm going to be 37 in six weeks.  And I'm still wondering what it is that I love to do?   Shouldn't I have figured this out by now?

I keep trying my hand at different writing projects and yet... nothing has come of it. I've tried my hand at painting, poetry, singing, acting and still.... not feeling the love.

I could cook my way through someone's cookbook and blog about it, but that's already been done and started a massive trend of the theme.
My life raft for a long time was wrestling, and I blogged about it for the last few years. Now that doesn't even keep me afloat anymore.

So where does that leave me?
Watching the movie once again hoping to find a spark when I ask myself for the millionth time in the last two years .... "what do you really love to do?"

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