Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 19

This has become the hardest thing I've done. 
A drama free space.  Write something once a day that does not have a load of whacked out rants or freak outs about the people in my life.

I really thought I could turn the positive stuff into a blog and run with it. 
I keep telling myself, as the year progresses, it will be easier. 
I've never been the type to pick a certain day and blog on one topic on that day per week.  The Wishcasting Wednesday is the closest I've gotten to on that regard.  I usually just blog whenever I have time and on whatever it is that I want to talk about.  So I end up blogging anywhere from 10 times a day to zero a day.   My main blog I can go days sometimes without saying anything, and other times, well I blog every five minutes. 

The only blog that really had a schedule is the wrestling blog.  And that is only because the shows are once a week.

The weather here can't seem to make up it's mind if it wants to be winter or spring, and that's effecting my body like madness.  The O.I. has left me one big ball of arthritis.

If I actually get out of the apartment today as planned, then I might rent a movie. 

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