Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 28

How do you stay drama free?
I am starting to think that you can't. 

I read in my horoscope yesterday, that it's the little things in life that make or break us.  Which is true.  It's the little things you wouldn't think matter that are what in fact matter.

I'm sitting here at 4:13 am, unable to sleep because my mind is racing.  I'm feeling really hurt at the moment because of something that happened a few days ago.  A friend, scratch that, someone who I thought was my friend, has been avoiding me online.  Every time I would pop online, they would pop off, and if they saw my chat sign go to inactive, they popped back on.  Why am I letting this get to me?
They talked me into signing up for this particular chat box. Chat boxes are not something I like. This person also can't hold one conversation at a time. Always need to have a group chat going, or talking to me while they talk to whomever is home, or have two more conversations going with others in written chat.
Again, you're asking and I'm asking why am I letting this get to me?
I feel disrespected. I can't even count on one person to give me their full attention.

My mother is the same way.  With her, it's Facebook. All day long, she sits at her computer and interacts with people online through Facebook or plays games in there, but she ignores me when I come over.  If I call she spends her time not listening because of the Facebook, or if my sister is there when I call, she just tells me she can't talk cause my sister is there.  Yet, if I'm over and my sister calls, she talks for hours with her.
My sister lives two buildings away from my mother. They can see each other any time they want.

Yes, I'm hurt.
I'm just tired of being ignored.

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