Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 36

Mom wanted to see one of the Tyler Perry Madea movies.  So I got myself over to blockbuster and picked her up two - Diary of a Mad Black Woman  and Madea's Family Reunion.  We watched the first one, and at some point tomorrow I suppose we'll get around to the second one.

The girl who works at the blockbuster was going on about how these are some of her favourites of his work. As a line up of rowdy teenaged boys started to fill behind me.  I think she was chatting away about the movies just so she had to make them wait because they had been loud the whole time I had been searching for the dvds.

We were chatting about the films for a minute and I asked about the newest one For Coloured Girls  but it was completely rented. What we both noticed about his movies, is that here in Canada, they aren't promoted the same way they are in the U.S.  Here, they are promoted with the Christian angle top heavy.
Which is, I know, why my mom loves his movies. 

With all the remakes happening in the movie world, I would love to see a movie about Faith, like the Tyler Perry films, but from the angle of another religion.  I guess I'm just pissed off that the only time you see a movie with a positive spiritual message it's Christian slanted and every time you see a movie about Wicca/Paganism/Buddhism/ etc it's always done as a horror/sci-fi  film.  It's no wonder people get the wrong idea about Wicca/Paganism because Hollywood keeps doing films the same way.

I think Practical Magic is one of the very few that shows a positive side of Wicca/Paganism and it still is jumbled with the Hollywood stuff.

This post started off as a "this is what I did today " post and is getting a bit on the heavy side. Which proves once again, having a drama free zone is very hard to do. 

Okay, that was today's adventure, now off to make a cup of coffee

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