Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 37

March 1st.

New month. Heading into spring.  Been at this blog now for 5 weeks. 
Am I feeling any different?

But, it's nice to have one spot that is drama free.  A free zone. Yes, I still rant on my main blog, and I still get into other issues on my relationship/sex blog.  But, ironically I find myself not diving into it as blindly as I was before. 
Could it be, could this project be helping? 

I can honestly say, when I started this, I had no real intention or directional out come.  I just really missed the old "The Year I Lived Off Of Ramen Noodles"blog.  I just wanted to get back to that blog, but the blog itself, was vibewise, too heavy. 

So, now that I am 5 weeks into this one, do I have a goal?
As crazy as this sounds, I intend that my goal of this blog is not only to have one space that removes the drama from my life as much as possible, but to also find my purpose.

I keep coming back, over and over again to the movie Juile/Julia  and how Julie Powell was going through a bit of a life crisis when she was inspired to start the project, and how Julia Child was also feeling less then great when she decided on cooking as her path.
I admit, I'm in the middle of a muddle and expecting to find the answers by way of this blog.

This is sort of becoming my center.

The key is there to the puzzle, I just haven't spotted it yet.

I'm starting to sound like a puzzle box myself so, I'm off to make a cup of coffee and getting ready to go to mom's to watch the second of the Tyler Perry movies we rented yesterday.   The rest of the plan for the day is to make a bread pudding while I'm over there.   If mom remembered to take out a half loaf of bread before bed last night.

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