Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 43

We had a few inches of snow last night.  It's just over ankle deep this morning.
I haven't done any reading all weekend, which now has me behind schedule for my latest review.  I will have to try to get at lest 4 solid hours in now on that. 

When I was at the grocery yesterday, I managed to get two loaves of bread on clearance, which I plan on using for some more bread puddings.  Possibly one of the easiest things on the planet to make, and therefore one of my latest obsessions. 

As I sit here now, I do believe my plans for the night, once my buddy M. gets off work, is to go with him to one of the local pools so he can try to get the phone number of  this life guard that he's got a crush on. Should be interesting.

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