Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 53

It's melted.  yay. The snow and ice has melted.  Into these pond size puddles everywhere.
I spent the day at mom's yet again.  I like cooking better in her kitchen even though it's a tiny little corner,  she's got all these kitchen gadgets like a food processor, electric mixer, springloading cake pans and rolling pins and other stuff I'm too poor to get at the moment.  Plus a collection of cookbooks bigger then even mine.
We made scalloped potatoes and veggie lasagna. While I was there, I also decided to make a homemade leek and potato soup.  Not bad considering I had no recipe.
Just as we were sitting down to eat, my aunt showed up with my cousin.  Mom had to babysit. Then my aunt tried the soup.  She told me it needed pepper that it wasn't spicy enough.  Then sat down and had two large bowls of it.   Nice Eh?

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