Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 57

I scared the delivery lady today when she woke me up.  I didn't do anything on purpose, honest.  My nose is redder then the christmas reindeer and raw, not too mention my eyes were red and puffy-swollen nearly shut.  You would have thought I'd been crying for days, but no.  It's just this cold.
So another book came for delivery.  Lost count at the moment of how many I have on wait.

Then I went back to bed for .... let's see that was 8am and it's 5pm now... okay not good with math. Nor have I ever had a cold this long. It's been a full week.  And my eyes are literally dripping cold tears. Ice cold streaks running freely down my face for no reason other then I am sick.  this sucks by the way.

Well, at lest I have my voice back.

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