Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 61

Still battling a runny nose.  I just can not seem to shake this cold. It's like it's been super sized or something.

Went to mom's to watch the wrestling replay from this week.  We made scalloped potatoes and she made ham steaks for herself, and I made those soya meat-replacement thingies.  Suppose to be chicken replacement but it looked like a pork chop and tasted like mustard.   But I haven't been getting enough protein lately so I needed to have something.

There is this guy who works the express checkout at the grocery.  I've talked about him a bunch of times over the past year on my other blogs.  I thought he'd moved away or something because I hadn't seen him in a few months.   Today he was working.  He always seems to stand straighter when he sees me in the line,  and this is a guy who's line is always chalked full of women trying for his attention.  Anyway, my big chance to talk to him and of course my cold got in the way. I was trying not to snot on the poor boy for the two minutes I was there. 

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