Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2 cups of coffee later

Hey. It's me. Again. Your blogger.
I just posted on my main blog a short ranting ramble.  I do not know what's wrong with me today. I woke up angry.  Then a whack of internet issues. A sinus headache.
On my second cup of coffee for the morning, which is normal for me.  Have to get into the shower in a few minutes and get the laundry together.  It's mother's laundry day.  So I go over there on Wednesday mornings and do her laundry for her, in turn I get to sneak in a few things of mine. 
There was a Daily OM post yesterday about Tribes.  I think they did this topic before like a year ago, because I remember blogging about the topic on one of my other blogs.  But it's been stuck in my mind since yesterday. 
Tribes.   Community.  Family.  And where do I fit in?
My sister is already a stepmom to four kids. She's firmly established her tribe with her guy and his kids, her two best friends, and her six co-workers. 
Her life is set.  My life is drifting.  And I'm the older of us.
I know I set this blog up to be a drama free space, but that's how I'm feeling today.  Where my head is at.  I just needed to get that out and my main blog just did not feel like the right spot for it.


  1. Been there. Six years ago I was drifting, not sure what to do with myself. Luckily things kind of just fell into place. I hope they do the same for you!

  2. Kristin... Thank you. I'm just feeling like I'm spinning in circles.