Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 72

Not even 9am yet, and already I've checked all my emails, and visited a few online communities.

Which brings me to my question this morning.     Online forms/networks/communities.  What are the ones people seem to be posting to on daily basis?

I post about once a day now to questions in Book Blogs on Ning.  Surf the latest topics on Food Network Canada few times a week,  and Shelfari groups,  and keep my Chapters/Indigo/Coles  profile up to date as much as possible. 

Otherwise, there are a few BlogFrog communities I pay attention too.   Not that I seem to be getting much in response at the moment from them. 

There was a lady on the book blogs forums who commented about how promoting a blog is more work then having the blog.   This is true if all you want are numbers in your follow box.  Not so much if you want something you can really be proud of. 
I think that is a major issue with me.   I've been at this now for almost a decade -blogging- and I've still not had a single blog that I was totally proud of.   I've had bits here on blog one bits on blog three a good year on blog seven  etc.  
But not one blog where I have looked at it and said "I should turn this into a book or a new way of life"    And trust me,  I tried more then once. 

How do you keep your own interest and still be able to promote it around ? 

Okay, I've got two topics going here this morning.   and I haven't even had coffee yet.


  1. The Blog Frog Community I'm involved in, the Frugal Living Community is very interactive. I think it took about a year for my partner and I to really decide on a focus for our blog, but it's still evolving!

  2. Kristin... I think that's part of my issue. I have so many blogs going because certain things we're sort of expected to specialize in.
    Like my book review blog. It's my day job so I don't like mixing it with the silly stuff I yammer on about.
    And my cooking blog. As I link it to the Food Network Canada, Bake Space, and a few other all food communities.
    I have tried setting up a BlogFrog for 3 of my blogs so far, and partake in about 4 others that are run by groups; and I guess I'm just overloading myself.
    See, I can't even keep a comment short.