Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 84

Somehow I ended up getting both copies of my mother's  Betty Crocker International and New International CookBook

Not complaining.  Just wondering how mom let that slip past?  The first having been printed in 1980 and the second having been printed in 1989. 
I knew I had one of them, did not realize until last night when I was looking for something and came across the second book, that I had scored both books.  This is what happens when you have so many things half packed away, you loose track of stuff.

Think I will sit down later and see what the big difference is between them. Find out if they are volumes 1 and 2 or if one is just a re-release.

Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of my main blog.  I have no idea what to post for that.  I know other people do big crazy stuff to celebrate theirs.  But seriously, it's a blog people, not a child. Even though sometimes it might feel like you've put that much time and energy into the damned thing. 

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