Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 103

Once again, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution was not on.  I'm getting miffed with the scheduling of the show.  We get commercials for it, but no show. 
Latest rumour for it is that it will return next month on a new night.  Oh joy.

I just spent an hour playing around with a new header for my main blog, and decided not to use it as it looked bad on the actual blog.

Did not do any cooking adventures today at all.   I did make 3 large containers (the big yogurt ones) of homemade breadcrumbs yesterday.  I added Italian seasoning to a big mixture of breads/buns and whipped them up in the food processor. Neither mom nor myself should need to buy any for a few months at this rate.

Okay, so the past week I've done more blog posts for my SATC styled blog then anything else. I've also been trying to get as much work done on the book reviews as possible as I have all the books I posted the photo of last blog post to do in under 4 weeks.  I'm starting to feel the deadlines crunching down on me and it makes me slightly insane.

Since I've missed a few days in the past week, this blog will obviously end up going over the "official" year mark.  Let's hope things start to get a bit more interesting over the coming months.


  1. Homemade bread crumbs? Yum! That is one thing I usually buy pre made and they're prob so much tastier when they're homemade!

  2. Kristin... Hi. I need to find bigger challenges. Learning to do the little things like that are helpful. The draw back is that they have a shorter time before they expire then the store bought stuff.