Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 109

I missed yesterday on here. Crap!  I was seriously trying to get back to having a post a day.
Yesterday, mom needed to get out again, and we ended up on the bus for way too long.  It had reached +22 c  here yesterday.
Today, it was +24c with a humidex of +27c.  That means, the summer has officially started.  Long weekend here as well because Monday the 23rd is Victoria Day.   I'm not too sure why it's never the same day every year?  Its to celebrate and honor the birthday of Queen Victoria, but yet it shifts every year.  Honestly, I always thought it was the 19th but it seems it's the weekend closest or something.  Anyways, it equals a long weekend here in Canada.
Today's big adventure, was hunting down a liter of "heavy cream".  What I found was the closest thing to that in this city which is "table cream" at 18%.  I had to go to two different groceries to find it too.  Well, the walk did me good.  Thought it was $6 for that, and I know it will get used in like one recipe but whatever Eh?
And why was I hunting down this ingredient?   Mastering the Art of French Cooking, has it as a main for many of the recipes.  I look forward to starting some crazy kitchen antics tomorrow.

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