Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 111

Nice number.   111 (and 1111) mean the flow of energy in it's forms (water, sex, money, magnetic and kundalini)  So when you see 111 or 1111 it means there is a hit of that energy having just happened.  I always pay attention to that sort of thing, trying to remember what it was I had been just thinking or feeling or where I might have been or talking to when I spot those numbers. 

There is actually a few sites online that delve into the meaning of multiple numbers.

Anyways, my life today.... was muggy here at +13c with rain.  Rented the Tourist.  It was okay, nothing great. 
Can understand why it flopped at the cinema. 

See, I love love love Johnny Depp.  So I decided to dig through one of my bins and found where I had Chocolat.  Made it a Depp double feature today.
The only problem with that was it made me crave hot chocolate.  There was me, sitting in mom's, watching the Depp; digging through the kitchen till I found some coco powder (for baking) and decided to make a mug of hot chocolate.  With the "table cream" I had trekked around town for the other day.  It was good.  Bit on the heavy side but yummy.

I was not in the mood for much in the way of "cooking cooking"  after we cleaned out mom's fridge (which I am ashamed to say is something i need to do with my own fridge) but I did end up making homemade pancakes.  Again with the "table cream" that I had bought the other day.  I swear, by the time I get around to actually making the recipes I bought the cream for, I'll be needing to trek across town again for more cream. 

It was a day of playing hooking as far as work went, as I never even opened the books today.  I've sort of made up my mind that once I am done the stack of books for review that are sitting in my living room, I'm not going to do book reviews much anymore -right now.   Maybe after the fall I'll get back into it.  But I've been doing book reviews for the last 2 and a half years, and it's starting to take it's toll on me.  I've noticed that my reviews are sounding more and more alike and I'm finding I enjoy the books less and less.

Besides, with all the time I've been spending at my mother's in the last two months, I'm finding it a pain in the ass to lug the books to and from her place every day.  Half the time I just end up cooking or do whatever she needs me to do around the apartment. Then by the time I get home, I just want to have a coffee and go to bed.

While at mom's, I watched the replay of last night's WWE Smackdown.  And I have to say, when Wade Barrett is on screen, I don't pay much attention to the match anymore, too busy watching the guy's hair.   Yeah, his hair.  I've talked about this on my wrestling blog; and still I can't get over the fact his hair is so slicked down that it never moves.  Ever.  I am just transfixed by the British dude's hairdo. Waiting, watching, wanting it to do something other then just be an oil slick when he wrestles.
There is your randomness for the evening. Wade Barrett's hair.


  1. I'm quite the Johnny fan as well! Saw On Stranger Tides this weekend and LOVED it!

  2. Kristin... I'm hoping to see that this coming weekend. Ninth Gate is still my all time favourite Depp film.