Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 112

It was foggy here yesterday. Put you in mind of a horror movie. Today, pouring rain.  Cold. Damp.  My kind of weather. 
My body kills me for a few days before we get weather like this, everything starts to act up. Headaches, backaches, hips etc.  When we get the weather,  total relief.  I even sleep better. 
I was not designed for hot dry places. Not at all.  I was designed for misty foggy rain drenched places.

All I've done since yesterday afternoon, is sit and watch episodes of Sex and the City. Today, doing pretty much the same thing.  With the added bonus of reading The Carrie Diaries.  This is something I'm reading for the sake of reading.  Reading for fun.   I know, totally bad of me given the fact I have a stack of 8 books for review that I should be reading. 
But I just do not feel like spending my long weekend working.  And that's what it is here in Canada.  Long Weekend.  Victoria Day. 
At some point, I suppose I should try to do the dishes. 

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