Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 120

This is my $5 purse. 

Yes, $5 Canadian.  Very cool.   I have a thing for clutch bags, also have a thing for grey/silver and have been looking for the last couple of years actually for a grey-silvery coloured purse.

Yes, you're eyes are not playing tricks on you, that is an Insane Clown Posse scarf behind it, I just wanted something to show the contrast of the purse and I thought it would be interesting. 

So how did I score a $5 purse you are thinking?  No it was not on clearance,  it was just a graduation sale at the mall, as this is graduation time around here.  I think the States still call it prom? 

But I am so dubbing this my Carrie Bag, because it's shaped close to the one that was featured on SATC off and on over the course of the show.   Not the exact style, but as close as I've been able to find in this crappy city.

Yesterday, was a day of shopping torture for me.  I had to break down and finally go bra shopping.  I would honestly rather go to the dentist then bra shopping.

La Senza luckily had a "sale" on yesterday so off I went.  Spent way too much on two bras.  But I walked in there, and the sales lady comes up to me with a measuring tape pinned to her shoulder, and asked when the last time I had a fitting was?  
Um... er... damn.  So of course my trip to the lingerie store became a mission.  Oh happy humiliation.

Then I got home to find that my wrestling show is no longer being offered on iTunes Canada.  I felt like a slap to my face had happened.

Here's the lesson in loosing my favourite show. 

Yesterday morning, I read an article that Elizabeth Gilbert wrote in the Oprah magazine stating that when she was writing Committed she started to loose her passion, her lust for writing.  She then decided to step back from the whole thing and just dabble in what she was calling her curiosity for a few months. It ended up giving her a new view on her life's passion. 
I have been at this crossroads myself for the last while {I'd say nearly 9 months}  Right after I read the article, I was trying to figure out what my curiosity is? 
As of yesterday morning, my thought was "I could go back to doing wrestling reviews but last time it made me overly stressed to the point of becoming sick, so I know that's not my passion"
By having the wrestling show literally taken away from me on iTunes Canada (as I do not have cable) my option to do the reviews the way I used to has been removed. I was also paying every three months for a "season pass" to download the show.  Now, I'll be saving myself some of that money {which after the bra shopping yesterday will be a needed thing. Thank god for the ramen noodles cause it's all I'll be able to afford for the next month}

The universe has literally just said to me that going back to doing the reviews the way I was the last few years would be a bad idea. It would be moving backwards and not forwards.
So here I am, having given up my biggest element in my life (the wrestling reviews)  given up my "day job" (the book reviews) and left wondering if the thing I've always said was my life is still my passion/life ? (writing)

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