Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 122-Day 1

A year with Jane {Day 1}

I was thinking about my novel.  Thinking about the fact I haven't written anything in months. When I opened the file, it was last dated Aug 20th 2010.  Wow! Here I was counting back thinking I'd stopped working on it in November of 2010, but it was even longer then that.  Nearly a full year.
Two years of my life has been poured into writing that novel. { Two and a half if you count the last few months just time wise. }

Then I started to think back to some of my other projects over the last roughly 3 years.  My countless blogs, my short stories that I've been writing on the blogs, the all vampire reading challenge {that I started as a meme and even I did not finish it because I had less then five people interested} my food challenges {inspired by Top Chef challenges that I have talked about doing but haven't}  my scrapbook, etc.

Great at starting things, horrible at finishing.   I keep telling myself, I'll finish it when such and such is done, or when so and so finally gets back to me on it.  And of course it never does/they never do.
Sometimes, I just loose interest.  Other times,  like my novel, I loose inspiration.  With my novel, I know my ending sucks and I really need an editor only I can not afford one. So stuck in limbo until I get a breakthrough.

Which brings me around to this post.  I keep finding myself over on Julie Powell's blog.  The chick who started the Julie/Julia Project.   Bit of a revolution if you ask me.  I've also been finding myself over on A Year with Julia.  A second lady was inspired to do the same thing, spend a year learning how to master the art of French cooking. 
This all got me thinking about a ton of stuff and one of those was the last time I completed a project.  Few years ago on the internet there was a book blogger who put out a challenge for an all Jane Austen challenge that lasted 6 months.  This is what had inspired my all vampire challenge that failed. 
I had been part of her All Jane Austen Challenge, and completed it on deadline and had a bundle of fun with it.  I talked about it on a few of my old blogs and my book review blog.

So here I am.
I'm going to spend the year delving into Jane Austen... again. There has been a lot of *new* Austen stuff in just a few short years since I first did that challenge.  I haven't figured out the details just yet, but that's what life is about right, learning as you go.

This will also bring me into posting more often on here, as I have gotten bad the last couple of weeks. 

So I guess the next question would be .... What Would Jane Do?

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