Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 123-Day 2

A year with Jane Day 2

Um... I'm not finding anything.   I was looking for a quote, something I could apply to housekeeping, but I might have picked the wrong Austen.   I was looking in Persuasion. Which, is the book we're doing for the summer in book club.

I'm sure there is plenty, I'm just not finding anything that is jumping out at me.

So, Persuasion. Nice place to start. I've always seen myself in the character of Anne Elliot. Way too much of myself in her. 

It was the Summer Solstice today.  First day of Cancer zodiac too.  Sort of a food viewing day, if you will. Spent the morning watching a foodie-horror film called Bitter Feast. Which I blogged about on my cooking blog.  And the evening watching Top Chef Canada, which I blogged about on my main blog. 

Anyways, only a starting point with the Year of Jane, so I am sure to get into a bit more of a flow as things progress.

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