Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 128

So this ended up being like the week that wasn't.
Just what I said I did not want to happen is what happened.  A large exercise in the art of becareful how you speak your desires.

I woke up few days ago with my right foot so swollen and sore I could barely walk.  I've managed to get the swelling down to a manageable amount and the soreness to a controllable amount with painpills.   Yes, a doctor's appointment is scheduled.  Only they can't see me before the 15th.  Lucky me.

I did manage, however, to get that printer I've been wanting for months.  I posted a photo on my main blog the other day of my now printed out manuscript.   I did forget in my excitement to adjust the type size and ended up printing the whole thing out in x-large. 

But it's a step forward right

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