Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 130-Day 5

Movie version. BBC 2007.

What I learned from that this week, is miscommunication when we are depressed.   It seemed to be the theme of that story.  Or at lest that movie version. 
What it really was was about how love never really dies when it's a strong love.  I love the 1995 movie version of Persuasion but never really got much from it other then "ooohhh pretty"
For whatever reason, watching it -2007 version-yesterday morning it made more sense then I would have thought. 

Even more amazing, mother was glued to the story of it. I know total sidenote here, as some of you might remember that my mom is not a fan of that style of movie, but she was asking questions (she claims she can't understand British accents and said two of the actors looked too much alike) and completely wrapped in it.  I think because this one has a soap opera feel to the plot more then some of the others. 

As you can also guess, since my last post the other day, my first dvd arrived.  I am guessing the next one will be here by Monday.

For anyone who hasn't read the book or seen the movies, the two main characters are both believing that they are the only one who really loved the other when they broke up years before.  There's all these little moments of bitter dialogue between them and stolen glances... okay going to leave that here.

One other thing before I head out for the day... my celebrity crush or as I have been calling him My Affair of the Blog... he's gotten so popular as of late that every time I log into my main blogs to check stats I see there are hundreds of hits that day from his fans googling stuff on him and landing on my blogs.  It's great that he's getting the spotlight he deserves it really is.  But now, I'm feeling like this great gem, this sort of quiet secret has been ripped away.  It was like before I would talk about wrestling and no one knew who the hell I was going on about, but now everyone and their dog's grandmother knows and are taking all the shine out of him. And the worst part is I'm not just jealous of the fact other fans have discovered him too, but of him. Bad I know. There is something about this guy- I love/hate him he drives me insane- and he's managed to succeed where I've failed. Television/art/music.

Okay this is suppose to be a drama free zone, so that is enough emotions on this blog for one day.

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