Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 138-Day 8

The Jane Austen of it...

Book club was today, and we discussed  Persuasion  
Surprisingly, a lot of time was spent on the characters of Mary and Elizabeth,  the two sisters, and not much on Anne, the lead.

When we did talk about the lead,  it was pointed out more then once about how she is underminded by her family made to feel unwanted in a bunch of ways, but she's in fact the lady who gets the most attention from the men.  Each man who comes into her life finds her the most appealing woman they've met to that point, both in physical and mental bodies.

The letter in the end by Captain Wentworth was a great deal of a topic.  The idea and frustration of loving someone for years and not being with them because of someone else getting in the way and that notion of undying love... sigh with me now....*sigh*

All and all, I walked away from today with a sense of strength of self. 

Book club went well enough that we decided on Sense and Sensibility as our next book.   Now, I just need to locate what I did with my copy....

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