Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 139

Been a long week.
I see as I went to read one of my favourite blogs - the Julie and Julia Project -  that it's gone!  That's sad really, that blog was the inspiration for millions of us.
Sitting here today, feeling like I should be getting a start on Hallowe'en.   Thou, I have no idea what that start might be.
I've got a nice storage bin of material I bought over the last few years,  maybe I'll trying sewing a tablecloth for Hallowe'en or something?  Thou, my sewing skills suck worse then a leech.
Tried making a pumpkin loaf yesterday.  Which, I've made a hundred times, should be able to make with my eyes closed; only for some messed up reason I added an egg to the recipe.   The recipe does not call for one.  So the loaf sunk and all you could taste was the egg.  I made it over at mom's and was talking to her at the time.  This is what happens when I get even the slightest distracted, ruin the recipe.

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