Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 140

Had my doctor's appointment today.  As I said on my main blog, it went... oddly.   My doctor basically told me nothing will change and I will have chronic issues for the rest of time, then told me I need to loose 40 pounds.

What every girl wants to hear right.

When I got to mom's, she decided she wanted to rent a movie, so we did video on demand and got "Madea's Big Happy Family"   bit of a disappointment compared to the others in the Madea series.  But, it's got me wondering if the next one will pick up where this one left off?  

And as far as the blogging goes,  wondering what happened to the STATS ?   I logged in and it seems that I have suddenly a series of 0 in my hits... as in all time history of the blogs 0.
I thought all the glitches on Blogger was over but seems I was wrong.

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