Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 175

Today's movie de jour is up.  Day 29

Last day of 2011. Feels weird.  Dec 31st every year feels weird.  You sit and take stock of the events of that year, see if you learned anything important, see if you tried anything new that lead to anything new.

Tried a few things, failed at a few things, was more honest, was also less brave. 

Here's to trying more, succeeding more, being even more honest and more brave in the coming year.

Happy New Year.

Friday, December 30, 2011

174 Plan B

I've always had a soft spot for the story of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.  It's something I refer back to often in my life. 

I know this is a drama free zone, but I sort of feel the need to talk and this is the blog I've talked most about my health issues on recently. 
Monday will mark 7 weeks since I broke my foot.  Took the bandages off today then had to re-bandage two toes as they are still not healed which I realized when I tried to take a step without anything of a wrapper support. 

I cried.  Not from the pain which I've gotten semi-used to, but from the look of the two still not fully healed toes. 
They're slightly misshapen now.   I know in the grande scheme of the world that's not even a grain of salt in the mines.  But for me, it's one more stab at my self-esteem because of my O.I. 
37 years of broken bones, crushed vertebrae, herniated discs, a collapsed lung,  plates, pins, rods, screws, and scars. Not too mention the arthritis.
I've used a cane for a large chunk of my life and have to have orthotics in my shoes.  Athletic sneakers all year round never anything that can be called girly or pretty and never ever heels.   Reason I wear jeans all the time or yoga pants because why bother getting dressed up in a skirt when you know your shoes will destroy the outfit... I digress here...

So my now still not healed but misshapen toes will when they do heal, will have to be refitted for another pair of orthotics because the old ones were molded to the shape of my feet. 
That's going to cost about $350 - ironically the price of a pair of strappy black slingbacks.

Yeah, having a total Frankenstein day right now.  Feeling very castle freak. 

Day 174

Some of you who read my other stuff, know that I was trying to do a vampire movie back a few years ago.  For more reasons then I want to get into {yet again}  it just didn't get finished.
However, I had been at the time, keeping a production journal.  One that I had tucked away and forgot about for the last few years.
It chronicled the people that were involved, the plot of the film, the character outlines, and meeting times.  The other thing it had were photos of myself and a few crew members, drawings, stickers {yes I said stickers} and photocopies from horror magazines of things that inspired it all to begin with.

I was looking for something tonight, and found this old production journal -dusty to say the lest.  One of the things that drew me to it back in 2005 {yes the whole project was a few years back}  was the style of the journal.   One side of the page was lined the other blank... the better to draw doodles on my dear...
So, I did the only thing I could.  I ripped out all the used pages - of which there was about 20- and tucked them away with the script.  {I couldn't bare the idea of burning them or throwing them away. Script either as a full year went into what I did have}

Here's the thing.
Last night I was looking for a book online, and a recommendation came up for "Wreck this Journal".  I decided to take a look at the book online, as I have had a few people {bloggers} in the past few months talking about that book.  I'm still wondering if it's something I should bother getting, as I've never had any issues with desecrating a sketchbook/journal.  And I know the whole purpose of WTJ is to get people to be spontaneously creative.
In the new manuscript I have been writing for the last few days, I have a character who is an artist and have written in {before coming across Wreck this Journal} that she carries around this beat up sketchbook.
That in itself might be taken as a sign. 
Then I found my lost production book, and I'm thinking this would be perfect to turn into a prop to better get inside the character and flesh her out some.  Another sign...
And now, just moments ago;  I see online hundreds of photos of other people's WTJ journals, and countless youtubes of people doing the activities in the book.

So, I'm asking anyone reading this very very long post to comment on here with your experiences with the Wreck this Journal.  Is it worth it?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 173

The movie de jour is up. Day 27. 
I was up early once again with insomnia so I thought I would make use of the time. 

It's still dark and grey and foggy outside this morning.  Street lights are still on. I still can't get over the fact we are only 2 days away from the new year. 
Ever notice it takes till nearly May to remember to write the correct year on cheques and stuff?  Why is that you think?  I wonder how far into the new year it will be before I stop having to cross out 2011 and write 2012 without hesitation?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 172

The movie de jour is up.  Day 26

As I was watching this movie, the only thing I was thinking was that I would love to have the apartment they used.

We are only 3 days from the new year and the planet Jupiter has turned from a retrograde motion to a direct motion this week.   It's been spinning backwards since Aug {2011}  causing a halt on plans and projects.  We should finally see things we started last summer give us results.   

I need to break out my astrology stuff soon and brush up on the coming Chinese New Year, which I think is the ... year of the Dragon?   There was a time I used to know all this sort of stuff off the top of my head like a walking encyclopedia.  But the last few years my mind has been horrible.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

part B

Okay, so I said in the original post for today {Day 171} that I was running late with the movie de jour on the movie blog.   It's up now.  Day 25

And in the last few hours I've also managed to crank out 8 pages on a new manuscript that was inspired by my favourite wrestling tag team.   The most I've managed to write in almost a year.  So many kisses to Mr. Shelley and Mr. Sabin. 

And there has been something on my mind since the night before last that has got me wondering about a few things.  One being if I should even talk about it.   I had some sort of dream/vision/flash whatever you want to call it, of a man and a dog.   The guy was nothing more then a shadowed outline but the dog was clear as day.  A Cocker Spaniel -white with brown -  and the shadow was playing with the dog, feeding it dog treats or sugar cookies or something.  

I've talked on before {can't remember if it was this blog or one of my others???}  about the book Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lover's Soul  by Arielle Ford which has true stories about how people found their soulmate/true love.  And more then half of them talk about something like that,  having a dream/vision/flash of insight where they saw a shadowy figure or one without a clear description which ended up coming true.  

Day 171

For those looking for the movie de jour, it's going to be late.   I know I normally like to have it up in the mornings, but I've been dealing with a major sinus headache.  I'm having a difficult time keeping focus on even this computer screen right now.  I guess that's what I get for not doing my homework last night.

I have forgotten how much I loved Shakespeare.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 170

Movie de jour was posted this morning.  Day 24

We hit a lovely +6c today.  Everything is melting away.  I am hoping it stays melted for the next few days. 

It's Boxing Day.  I'm waiting for the mad rush of people to slow down later in the week to get out and try to take advantage of Boxing Week sales.   I remember when Boxing Day was an actual holiday, and the day after was when the stores had their Boxing Day sales.  Now, you have a full week starting on actual Boxing Day. 
Which also means, the new year is only a few short days away.   Can you all believe we are heading into 2012? 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 169

The movie de jour is up.  Day 23

So today is a Sunday.  It doesn't feel like a Sunday.  Doesn't feel much like anything really. But the looks of the day outside, it doesn't even look like day. 

Picked up my copy of Julie and Julia -the book- and started to re-read it last night.  You can tell a book has been hanging around for awhile, it's got that dusty smell to it. Even when there isn't actual dust in it. I first read it back in 2009 when I found out the movie was coming out and that it was based on a book.  I spent about three days before the movie came out at the cinema reading. 

I was bored last night, feeling down a bit and decided that I wanted to make a rice and broccoli casserole.  So I made the rice and went to get the broccoli which was frozen... or so I thought.  Instead of a bag of frozen broccoli in the freezer, there was a bag of asparagus.  That wasn't going to work for the dish nor the time I had.  So the rice got a few large handfuls of cheese instead. 

and this is why you should not cook when you're not up to par.  Because the dish will reflect your mood and my mood last night was blah.   The rice just didn't come out right and the cheese didn't melt proper and it just ... mess to say the lest. 

That's why you'll always hear chefs say you have to put your love into a dish.  Have to cook from the soul, from the heart.  Cause if you don't, it's just going to be a disaster.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 168

I posted the movie de jour first thing this morning.  Day 22

I was debating if I should blog on here today or not?  Nothing going on here for me today, just reading and the movie challenge.  Fun huh?

I was thinking about Hamlet and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.   The Kenneth Branagh versions.  It's a bit of a tradition for me to watch those films at xmas.   Not because they have anything to do with this time of year really.  But because, I received them once as xmas gifts.  On VHS.   That's how long ago.

Well I'm babbling and my coffee is getting cold.  Hope everyone reading this has a safe weekend.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 167

Today's movie de jour is up.  Day 21

And I think I figured out something from Hamlet that I've never understood before... the line about being insane when the wind blows North vs being sane when it blows South, I've never really gotten that whole bit before I watched today's film.   
If I'm right, then he's meaning that he's only being this way in front of certain people depending on where they are from and who's loyalty those other people have... 

My Shakespeare  is more then rusty.  

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 166

So I'm home once again.  I just blogged on my main blog about what I did at mother's.  Which was catch up on my soaps and some of the cooking shows.
Sort of sucks that the free preview for the Food Network Canada is going to end soon.  I hope it at lest holds out until after the Chuck's Day Off marathon next week. 

I will say that the movie de jour will be late tonight, as I have not even picked out a movie yet.  And I still have to make something for supper. 
I baked some cookies yesterday.  Nothing major just a small batch of Shortbread.  They did a disappearing act in less time then it took to make them.   Now I know why my mom hated baking when we were younger because you do all the work and they get devoured in seconds.

Okay so off to make supper then do the movie de jour.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 165

The movie a day is up.  Day 19.

Tomorrow's movie of the day, might be late.  I know I've been watching at night and posting in the mornings; but I'm going to go to my mother's today for the night.   I had said last week on my main blog I didn't think I would go there again so soon given my foot still isn't healed.  But,  I'll just say, I've been talked into it.
So, those who are regular readers of my stuff, and specially the movie a day blog, I might not have the chance to post tomorrow's stuff until I get home tomorrow night.  As I have no interest in fighting for the computer with my mother.  
With that said, this will give me a chance to see what the new releases are this week on the Video on Demand rental that mom has through Shaw

I do believe I mentioned few weeks ago, that I've some how managed to loose weight since my foot has been broken.   I've lost 12 pounds doing nothing but sitting on my ass.   Which I am sure will get ruined by the fact it's the holidays and there will be cookies and other baking in the next few days. The other price of going to mother's ... baking. 
I was never much of a cookie person before I started getting really interested in cooking myself.  How odd don't you think?  The older we get the way our favourite foods change. 

Before I went vegetarian ten years ago,  I lived off of hamburgers.  Seriously, I would have two burgers a meal sometimes even for breakfast.  If it have ground meat in it,  I could cook it.  {this was the main cookbook at that time in my life}
I still pride myself on my meatloaf recipe.  
Which I'm sure, when the time comes I'll have no clue how I used to make it.  And I'm sure there will be a time when I need to start cooking meat again. 
Some reason,  I can not see myself being lucky enough to find a husband who is vegetarian.  There just doesn't seem to be too many guys anymore who are.  When I was in college,  being vegetarian was the hottest thing.  It was more like a movement then an actual lifestyle choice. 

Seeing this has become one of my longer posts on this blog, I suppose I will wrap it up for today.   

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 164

The daily movie post is up on the movie blog.  Day 18

It's a Tuesday.  Nothing special, early in the week.  Everybody is out doing stuff for the holiday.
It's Yule eve... or the eve of Yule eve depending on your calendar.   Some calendars have Yule listed as the 21st some the 22nd.
I go with the 21st myself which makes for me today Yule Eve.

I subscribe to the Martha Stewart newsletters, as well as a bunch of cooking ones from countless cooking sites.   I have in my emails, two years worth of the Martha Stewart cookie of the day recipes.  I think I will start to shuffle through them and start trying some new recipes. 
I've never been much of a baker, but this last summer when I was apartment sitting for my mom, I started to try a few cookie recipes from one of her cook books.  This giant 400 page book from the 1970's that is nothing but cookie recipes. 

I mastered one kind.  That's all.  Just one. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 163

Today's movie de jour is up   Day 17 on there

Well, last night got sort of interesting in the fact I heard from a guy I used to be involved with.  But that's another issue for another blog.

Sun is not even out here yet and it's almost 10am.  I'm guessing we wont' see the sun much today if at all.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 162

So it's been a day of sinus issues for me.  Not too much fun in that.
The movie de jour was posted this morning on the movie a day blog.  Day 16 I think.

Weather here has been odd today, half wet half melting.  Hence the sinus issues.   Bit of a down day for me.  Supper was a hashbrown casserole. Nothing fancy.   I need to learn a few new casserole dishes.
Short post, not feeling very groovy at all today. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 161

Do you watch Yahoo's cooking show  Chow Ciao ?  With Fabio, one of the Top Chef -chefs?   I love that show!!!  Dude, I think he's fabulous!
I love funny guys.   I think I love goofy funny screwball nerdy guys, because that's the kind of girl I am. 

I definitely need the type of guy who can embrace his inner overgrown six year old.   The kind of guy who collects something, who still reads comics, who still like the late night cult classic type of crappy movies on tv like Plan 9 From Outer Space  or can watch a seven hour Star Trek marathon you know. A guy who's not going to look at me weird if I plan my week around the release of a new vampire movie or suggest spending a romantic weekend at a horror film/comic convention.

I will find my Nerdy-Prince Charming, I will.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 160

As I said on my main blog, I got a winter boot on my still not healed foot and managed to get outside our building long enough to check the mail.
Feeling good about that.

Today's movie post is up.  Day 14 on there

This past month has once again reminded me not to take the little things for granted.  It is a lesson that every time I break a body part I end up having to relive.   You have to almost retrain yourself to do things.  Over the years, I've gotten not too horrible with using my opposite hand for writing and brushing my teeth simply because I've broken my writing hand more times then I can count.

Having Osteogenesis Imperfecta   {O.I.} has a dignity all it's own... or lack there of depending on how you want to look at it.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 159

It was a day where I was easily distracted today.   Was watching the movie of the day, which will be posted in the morning, and I just could not keep my mind on it.  I think I missed at lest twenty minutes worth of it because I just wasn't up to myself.  Will have to rewatch that part in the morning I think.

The bit of writing I managed to do the other day seems to be about it.  The writer's block is back.

I can't believe that we're almost finished 2011... I had joined Goodreads reading challenge at the beginning of the year, with a goal of 45 books.  I managed to actually read them too.  Trying to get at lest one more read before the end of the year. 
My goal for next year will be smaller, I think I'll aim for only 25 books. 

I've got books on the brain tonight.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 158

Since I was 3 years old, since the first time I picked up a crayon and started to learn to print my name; I have been writing.  That was until last year when at age 36 I stopped.
Oh there have been dribbles of things in the last year and a half,  a page here, a paragraph there, the oddly strung together sentence scribbled on sticky-notes; blog posts mostly.
I've been doubting myself for the last year and a half.  After 33 years of writing, of knowing I was a writer, of dreaming of nothing but having my novels and poetry published; I stopped.  Something in me just shut down.
What I love about it is that you get to design everything, get to say all the lines.  Be as witty and beautiful as a movie star or model.  To think up the clothes, the hair dos, the music choices.  Things you might not be able to do physically in the real world. 
I could never be a clothes designer.  It's not something I can figure out. Sewing, knitting etc.  I've tried and everything comes out looking like rags.   But I can describe it when I write a character.
Place them in dark jeans, sneakers, a grey tee with a faded logo for a band I thought of. Give them some talisman or simply have them wear nothing but their boxers.
I managed to write two pages of something early this morning.  A vague skeleton of a scene simply because I thought of a man and a match book cover.
In a few months, I'll be turning 38 and I have to ask myself if I still think I can get over the doubt and get back to writing. 
Really writing...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 157

Today's movie post is up Day 11 on there

I can't remember if I've mentioned on here about Arielle Ford's  book  Soulmate Secret ?
Anyways, I got this book when it came out over a year ago, and have done the book cover to cover but still have not been able to bring my right man into my life.
I also subscribe to her blog/newsletter and every week read these wonderful stories about how it worked for hundreds of people always along with photos of the happy couples. 

I had at one point, emptied out a drawer for my future mate, but that left me with one extra pile of clothes on the floor; so the drawer idea was nixed after awhile.
I'm starting to think that one of the main reasons I'm still single, is because my apartment is a disaster.  

There is no room here for me, let alone another person.

Those of you who have been reading this blog for any amount of time, know that I have O.I. and am on disability.  It sucks to be honest. This also means I've been waiting for them to find me a new apartment. I've been waiting for 2 and a half years. 

No this is not a pity post cause remember no drama on this blog, it's a reminder.  A reminder to myself that everything happens when it's meant to and it's a lesson in patience. 

Another reason I've come to realize that the method in Arielle Ford's book has not worked yet for me is that I've been drifting as far as my own interests are concerned.  Hopping from one half done project to another.  I'm hoping that the movie challenge not only helps me to stay focused on something, but to open up towards what I really want to be doing with the rest of my life. 

This time of year would indeed lend itself to the Wheel in Tarot.  Knowing when to go with the flow and that every cycle brings it's ups and downs.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 156

As always, for those following the movie a day blog, today is now up.  It marks day 10.

I have not been sleeping much at all the last few days, and find myself beyond exhausted.  It's the insomnia.

Not really much of a fan of this time of year.  Holiday wise.  I like the snow, just not the whole holiday rush. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 155

Today's movie post is up.  Day 8 on there.

It seems now that I can watch both major wrestling companies online.  The three major shows {two from WWE,  one from TNA}   and someone said to me the other day "great now you can go back to your commentary/reviews"

I admit this makes doing the wrestling stuff easier in that regard and would allow me to have screen captures of the WWE stuff; but this is the wrong time in my life I think to go back to it.   I've toyed with the idea but I pretty much stopped doing them last year. 
It became a full time job that came with too much stress and drained from me what I loved about having done it to begin with. 

So to the person who made the comment,  I can't say never just not right now. 
Besides, that's another reason I am doing the movie a day right now; to maybe wean away from wrestling.
I've been a fan my whole life, giving it up...not sure.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 154

Nothing of the furniture in my apartment was bought by me.
I'm sitting here on my sofa looking around and I realized, none of this is me.  None of it is my style.  All my furniture was hand-me-downs from my parents when I moved out for the first time; the rest are a few items I got after my grandmother died. 
Where am I in all this?

My computer and two picture frames are about the only things in this apartment that I can say I picked out myself. 
This is what happens when you're poor.   You start to feel like Miss Bates in Jane Austen's Emma.  Having no choice but to rely on the scraps of others. 

I feel a Jane Austen movie marathon is needed.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 153

Reading  Anthony Bourdain  The Nasty Bits
Just posted the latest movie a day post over on the movie a day blog.  Which still does not have a header banner thingie.
Out of pain pills and foot is killing me today.  Swelling has not gone down in the last two days, must be because I've been up more.  It's been almost four weeks since I broke my foot, it should be better then it is.  That's the O.I. for you.  I seem to go four years between breaks.  Which is good as some people with the disorder are breaking every time they move.

As you can see, this blog is going to go way over the year mark.  Which in another way is good, as it's whole point is to help me have a drama-free space.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 152

Middle of the week, and it's gotten cold here.

So I just posted today's movie of the day post over on the new movie blog
And I'm one week into the challenge and finding it a hell of a lot harder then I originally thought.  I have stacks of DVDs, old VHS tapes and nothing I want to sit through right now.   I did watch a few movies online so that was new.
I just hope I get into a groove with it before long.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 151

So it seems I have a failed book club and now a stalled slow going movie group.   But that's okay. Everything will work when/if it's suppose to.  If I never tried then I would have failed right off for not trying even.

Been watching  Marcel's Quantum Kitchen   online and I hope that it gets a second season. I really thought it had an unique way of mixing the food television with the educational elements.   Reminded me of that old kid's show  The Edison Twins  

Somehow since breaking my foot, I've managed to loose 9 pounds.   You would think because I am doing nothing but sitting on my ass that I would have gained, but surprisingly; I lost weight.  Can only think it's because I'm unable to go to the store and a fear the weight might come back full on once I am up and moving proper again.

And yesterday,  I burned the outer edges of the casserole.  Something I've made a million times in the last 5 years, that I could practically make in my sleep and yesterday I burned it.   The only thing I can think of is that I used a different type of oil in the mix. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 150

Some thinking went into a challenge.
I've decided to challenge myself to watch one movie a day for a year and blog about it.   So I fired up a space for it   here

As I write this I am wondering if it wouldn't have made more sense to have done it on this blog... but too late now.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 149

And counting.

As you notice, there have been days that have more posts then others.  Good or bad not sure.  So if you're counting up the timeframe on this thing other then the day count, you're going to see that I am way off.

Pulled out the movie of Julie/Julia again.  Something strangely comforting about that movie.

The whole internet had me in a freak out panic the last 48 hours and it wasn't until middle of the night while I was unable to sleep and logged online, that I read something in another person's blog that calmed me down. 

And the second I calmed down, I was starving.   Nothing like stress to suppress your appetite

Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 148

Well, I'm still shaky from our Blogger Zombie Apocalypse from last night... how is everyone else in bloggerland?

But this got me thinking about a few things, one of which is how to combine my blogs if I need to and maybe start somewhere else.
So, I began playing around with two blogs that are private and I think I learned how to export and import things.  Just need to make enough space on my computer to handle nearly a decade of blogging.