Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 155

Today's movie post is up.  Day 8 on there.

It seems now that I can watch both major wrestling companies online.  The three major shows {two from WWE,  one from TNA}   and someone said to me the other day "great now you can go back to your commentary/reviews"

I admit this makes doing the wrestling stuff easier in that regard and would allow me to have screen captures of the WWE stuff; but this is the wrong time in my life I think to go back to it.   I've toyed with the idea but I pretty much stopped doing them last year. 
It became a full time job that came with too much stress and drained from me what I loved about having done it to begin with. 

So to the person who made the comment,  I can't say never just not right now. 
Besides, that's another reason I am doing the movie a day right now; to maybe wean away from wrestling.
I've been a fan my whole life, giving it up...not sure.

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