Tuesday, December 27, 2011

part B

Okay, so I said in the original post for today {Day 171} that I was running late with the movie de jour on the movie blog.   It's up now.  Day 25

And in the last few hours I've also managed to crank out 8 pages on a new manuscript that was inspired by my favourite wrestling tag team.   The most I've managed to write in almost a year.  So many kisses to Mr. Shelley and Mr. Sabin. 

And there has been something on my mind since the night before last that has got me wondering about a few things.  One being if I should even talk about it.   I had some sort of dream/vision/flash whatever you want to call it, of a man and a dog.   The guy was nothing more then a shadowed outline but the dog was clear as day.  A Cocker Spaniel -white with brown -  and the shadow was playing with the dog, feeding it dog treats or sugar cookies or something.  

I've talked on before {can't remember if it was this blog or one of my others???}  about the book Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lover's Soul  by Arielle Ford which has true stories about how people found their soulmate/true love.  And more then half of them talk about something like that,  having a dream/vision/flash of insight where they saw a shadowy figure or one without a clear description which ended up coming true.  

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