Monday, December 31, 2012

Season 2 Day 47

it's New Yea's Eve Day

And it's been over a week since I posted on here.  But, it's been the holidays.

So today will mark the end of the One Movie A Day For A Year Challenge over on the movie blog.  And I plan on spending much of the day doing posts on there. 
I have to still watch the last movie.  And find a few bonus posts to blog about.

And then tomorrow a new year, and a new set of topics for the movie blog, vampire blog and etc.
I've decided to do a year of blogging on my vampire blog starting tomorrow. Originally all vampire movies, but I decided to do little bit of everything, vampire movies and tv shows. plus a few other items.  Mostly because I have about 165 vampire films in my collection which is not enough for a full year of just movies. But I do have about 6 complete collections of vampire tv shows. So... you get the idea.

And for those who do follow the movie blog, I will be posting on there a few times a week still.

Happy New Year, stay safe, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

Catch up tomorrow...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Season 2 Day 46

Wake up, check emails, find that there is yet another someone telling me I've been added to yet another site that connects bloggers to ads by one of their users.

Dude, that's so wrong. I'm starting to think that the internet is becoming hell. Hell on earth. 

With that said, I woke up to snow this morning. I knew the the heatwave we have been having that's melted everything was too good too last.

That's about it for now.  Down to 13 days - I think- on the movie de jour blog. Then when the new year starts,  whole new set of movie related projects.

Catch up later

Monday, December 17, 2012

Season 2 Day 45

Leek and potato soup.  Homemade.  Yummy.
Now, if only I had been smart enough to write it down as I was going.  I've got to sit in the kitchen now, and try to remember what and how much of things I put in it.

Now, I have to find a movie for the movie de jour.  Down to something like 14 days left to go on the movie challenge.

Music- I bought the soundtrack to the tv show Nashville.   Love it! 

That's about it for now. Catch up later

Friday, December 14, 2012

Season 2 Day 44

Ever have one of those days when you know something is off but you can't put your finger on it?
It's been one of those days today.
My horoscopes all point to a big change for the positive, but my gut is telling me something is just off kilter.  Anxiety for no reason.

You know what is the result of anxiety for no reason... bathroom issues. 

Lovely isn't it.  How our bodies know better then our minds sometimes about things. Maybe it's just a hint to be more mindful of things around me?  That I need to be more observant?  I have no idea right now. 

I was once told by a relative that I'm too observant. That I notice everything even when I shouldn't.  I don't think there is such as thing as too observant.  You can be not observant enough. But I don't think you can be too observant.
It would be illogical to be too observant. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Season 2 Day 43

I dislike this time of year.  So not a fan of x-mas.
All the commercials have been for x-mas specials, like frosty the snowman crap.

Sitting at mom's, surrounded by drawings that my six year old cousin did and posted everywhere around the apartment that no one is allowed to take down. It's her gallery.
Which you know, I can't really bug about because myself and my sister used to do the same thing when we were kids.  There was a ghost drawing I did when I was 8 that stayed posted by our door until mom sold the house ten years ago.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Season 2 Day 42

Back at mom's. Staying for the holidays.

Catching up on WWE's NXT, as it's something I can't seem to find online. But thankfully, mom let me keep that in the DVR after I left. Nice, I know. 

Got very hooked on the BBC Sherlock. Watched all of both seasons on Netflix Canada. Now, need to find another show to fill the void.

That's about it for right now.   Need to get my Seth Rollins aka Tyler Black fix.

Till later

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Season 2 Day 41

Prepare yourself.  I just saw the teaser trailer for the new Star Trek movie, and yes, this will be something I spend a lot of time mentioning over the course of things.

Looks like it's going to be a reboot of the second Trek film.  Which, I think almost all fans were either hoping for or pretty much expecting.

I'm excited, are you excited?  May 17th 2013 can't get here fast enough.

Is there really any other thing -book, movie, music, show  etc- that has dug itself so firmly into our society?

Look at the stuff we have, that we use on a daily basis that when you think about it, there was a version of twenty years before on the show.   From automatic doors to your e-reader/tablet.   Things that showed up as just a prop on one of the Star Trek versions years before it ever became something we as a general society got our hands on.

Something to think about, while we wait for the new movie.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Season 2 Day 40

Ever have one of those days where you just want to throw the computer out the window like the do in movies?
It's been another one of those mornings.  Driving me nuts actually.

Anyways, I saw this movie this morning, called "Hungry for Change"  about how in the modern world, we have become so used to eating processed foods, that we don't even realize it anymore.  And what I was shocked by, was the amount of aspartame that is hidden in things.  Like candy and corn syrup.
You might remember, few weeks ago I ranted about how I don't care for diet pop because of the aspartame in it and the horrible after taste it gives.
After watching that documentary, it makes me almost not want to eat anything anymore.  And it showed how companies have gotten sneaky with just how much they hide and omit from labels.

I wish I had room where i live for a garden...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Season 2 Day 39

I have literally tuned out the world for the last few days.  I have done nothing but sit in my living room, playing Buffy the Vampire Slayer -Chaos Bleeds,  on PS2. 
Yeah, my game system is that old.  One of these days, I'll save up and buy something new. 
I only stopped to watch the movie de jour when my thumb gets numb and starts to cramp.

I've never been a big gamer.  We had the Nintendo growing up, with about four games for it.  Always more interested in movies then anything else.
I didn't even buy the PS2 until about three...four years ago.  Whenever it was that TNA put out their first Impact game. 
So, I have a grand total of 5 games for the PS2.  Buffy, TNA, a Batman, WWE and a James Bond game.   I've never managed to beat the buffy game at all.  Been playing it off and on since I bought it.

So that's what I'm wasting my time on right now. 

till later

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Season 2 Day 38

I know it doesn't always seem it lately,but I'm a big believer in positive thinking.

There is one thing I've learned because of my disability, there is no healing without positive thinking.

And anyone who has managed to make things happen in their life will say the same thing, you put so much of your energy into something and the rest is believing in it.  That goes for everything from work to relationships to finding a really rare issue of Batman #14.   Okay I'm guessing on the comic, but you get my point.

So, I'm part of this forum, and there are a few people on there that when you bring up certain topics, they tell you to stop dreaming. Now, let me just say that the topic they're so negative about is the main topic people end up on the forum for. 
But that's not the point I'm trying to make, the point is for as much positivity a person builds around them and puts into the universe, there are three times the people sending out negativity into the world blocking things from happening.  
And lots of times it's something they don't even realize they are doing.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Season 2 Day 37

I am now waiting for my mom and sister to stop by.  Not to visit, but to drop off some stuff because I can't get out of the apartment.  It's slippery out. Why my mom is going out is beyond me, she's as bad off as I am.

This is depressing. I will be beyond grateful if I don't honestly loose my mind over the next few weeks.   I've been in this situation more times over the years then I can count.  Stuck inside during winter because it's too dangerous for someone with O.I. to be tempting the ice.

I wonder if I will ever feel like an adult?

Friday, November 30, 2012

Season 2 Day 36

I saw a trailer for a movie, that had one word different for the "American" version vs the "British" version.

The word.... pop. Well soda in the U.S. version.

I don't get that.   I remember when I was younger too, seeing an episode of the classic  Degrassi Junior High  where they were all at a party and one of the girls asks her date if he want's a pop?  That was on the Canadian channel.  It was on an American channel as well, and when I saw the episode on there, they had changed it to soda. 

It's like, why do you in the States take the letter u out of things. Like colour, or humour, or favourite, neighbour.    I will never understand that. 
but... just one of those random things that gets under my skin.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

s2d35 continued

I am not for sale.
My blogs are not for sale.

I got a few offers for a couple of my domains asking to buy me out.  I know a lot of people sell off their domains when they stop updating all the time, but when I buy something it's for a reason.

So yeah, little pissed off right now.
I've been getting a lot of people trying to get me to add their brands to my blogs too with the click to sell links.
I won't do that either.

I do what I do because I like to, not because I am looking to make profit. If that were the case, I would have sold out when I first started blogging. These things would be up the waszoo with click adds and advertizements in general.
I don't even like the idea of giveaways.  I've had to do giveaways in the past when I was doing the book reviews, and it sucked balls.

When did the world become about nothing but money?  Isn't there any soul left?

I know this blog -Another Year I Lived Off Of Ramen Noodles-  was originally meant to be a drama free zone, but the last year has been anything but.

This today, was the last straw. It might seem silly to many of you reading right now, but seriously dude I've had enough of the materialistic people in my life.

I've been used and lied to, and people trying to buy me off and I'm just ready to punch someone. From the editors who were less then honest, to the publishers who were less then honest, to the cover artists who were less then honest, it just makes me mad.

Season 2 Day 35

I am starting to hate mornings.

Think I will start sleeping during the day and staying up all night, like a good little vampire.

Another day to wonder what I'm doing, what I should be doing, what I want to be doing?  All while wondering why my computer isn't keeping a charge like it's suppose to?  Battery is suppose to have 5 hours but I'm getting around 2 and a half and the computer is only 6 months old.

More snow, grey skies and sinus headaches to deal with ontop of the other issues.

I really need a vacation after the last few months.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Season 2 Day 34

I am sitting here watching a movie, half listening to it, half trying to keep my nose from falling off because no matter what I do, my apartment is freezing.  The heat is full on, and I've got two sweaters on, still shivering.
And as I watch a movie I've seen a million times, that used to inspire me, I'm trying to figure out where to begin to turn certain aspects of my life around.

In the age of the internet, how does one reinvent themselves ?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Season 2 Day 33

Just watching Bold and the Beautiful,  and wondering if the soap will last now that one of the main and first characters has left the show?
After 25 years, one of the core actors decided it was time to move on to other stuff so they killed the character.
Damn eh?  No contract mind change there.

Running down on the movie blog.  Day 331. Aren't endings weird?  The way endings can affect or not affect us. 
Some endings are atomic in our lives and other ends are barely a feather touch.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Season 2 Day 32

There is a tarot site I like to read every so often.  This week, the discussion was about the Three of Swords.
A card about pain and heartbreak but also about brutal truth.

Ironically, my card.  It was the very first card I ever pulled in the first reading I ever had.  The sight of the card, no matter what deck, always leaves the person with a sigh of loathing.
As I was reading the article, it got me thinking about some stuff.

One of those is the fact it has been a silent card the last few months.  But the Two of Swords has been popping up like weeds in the last few months.

The Two of Swords is a card of silent conflict, of disbelief and of being afraid to make a choice. Staying in a situation that is unhealthy because you're too afraid to do anything else.

That card has been everywhere this year. And given my situation, it all makes sense now.  But it took reading about the dreaded Three of Swords for me to make the connection that's been staring me in the face all year.

I'm starting to think that the knee injury was the transition from the two to the three. In real English, whenever I've had a broken leg in my past, it's ended up being a time in my life where I've ended up having a massive life change.  Usually because I was doing something I wasn't suppose to be doing even though I secretly knew better.  And I would end up with a broken leg and have to literally sit still and rethink everything in my life, eventually doing something completely different after recovery.

See, now it's making some sense.

I have been feeling like I'm stuck in some limbo for the last few years, for different reasons.  The writer's block  -I thought was the result- now I'm starting to think it was just a warning sign.

It's what makes working with Tarots such an interesting thing.  Just like every deck's design is different because every illustrator is different, it's going to give you just what you need just when you need it.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Season 2 Day 31

Ramen... it's just a night for noodles.

Few episodes of Angel, and it would seem, fighting a cold.  I must have gotten it when I went to see Twilight 5 Breaking Dawn part 2.

Been working the last few days on a story.  And I think I might have hit another round of blockage.  Managed to get 30 pages written this week.  Which, for the state of my writing in the last few years, is amazing.
Nothing like what I used to be able to crank out.  I could write a whole novel, over 390 pages, in about three weeks.  Now, I'm lucky if I can get 20 pages in that amount of time.

Nothing else really happening at the moment. 

catch up  later.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Season 2 Day 30

oh hell, I woke up to snow.  Like more then ankle deep outside snow.  Damn it!

Well, it's officially winter here, which sucks cause this will be my first winter since the knee injury.  I see a few nervous days ahead of me.

It's Thanksgiving in the U.S. this weekend, so for the few readers I have in America, Happy Thanksgiving (yeah it was technically yesterday wasn't it?)
I've never understood why, when Canada and the United States both celebrate the holiday, it's a month apart?  Has that fact ever made any sense to anyone else?
We had Thanksgiving back in October here in Canada.  On a holiday you all call Columbus Day.  Never understood the having it in two different months.  I could understand having it a week apart... but a full month?  Dude, racks my brain.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Season 2 Day 29

Aspartame is an abomination.

Seriously, I have no idea how anyone can eat/drink any of the products that has that crap in it?  The aftertaste is like sucking on fumes.  You'd be better off going and standing near two large gas pods at the gas station and just breaking in mouthfuls of the fumes.

Besides, aspartame will kill you faster then cigarettes.

So I went to the movie last night to see my vampires...yay!  And the line up was all the way spilling outside the door of the building, didn't think I was going to get a ticket, but I did.  Got my ticket with five minute to spare and avoided the snack area because it was packed.

I already ranted about the staff letting 5 year old kids into the movie on my main blog last moving on.
When the film was over, I had time to kill before my ride got there, and decided since the snack area was finally empty to grab a pop while I waited.

I ordered a coke, regular size.   It seems regular translated to the second cup size they had which is actually a large. Not a medium, but large.  The first gulp tasted like cherry.  But I know our city hasn't carried cherry coke in years, so it wasn't that. Second gulp as I made my way outside made me think it was possibly root beer, but then the after taste of gas fumes hit.

Damn, the dude gave me a diet coke.  That stuff's nasty.  So here's me with this oversized drink that wasn't even what I asked for and it had cost me $4.89

yeah you read that right.

I don't know if the dude on staff  did not hear me when I asked for a coke, or if because they were so busy last night the coke was empty and the diet was all that was left; in which case he should have said something to me and double checked I still wanted a pop.  Or if when they filled their machine they filled the right flavour in the right dispenser?

I must remember to buy my pop from the vending machine from now on. Which is still $5 a pop.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Season 2 Day 28

Listening to the Lost Boys soundtrack.  I can't get over the fact this cd is almost 30 years old. Timeless.

Been trying to spread my blogging love around to some of my very neglected blogs. Did a post on the cooking blog the other day, on the wrestling blog, had three days with a short few sentences each on the main blog.
One of these days I'll have my blogging life together.  Just not today it would seem.

Also, was just working on a new story.  Another new story.  Page 8 on it, so this could be promising. I find if I can make it past the first 10 pages, the story usually has a better chance of really getting developed.  Otherwise, it fades into nothingness and I end up forgetting all about why I started to write it to begin with.

Tomorrow, I'm going to see the last chapter in the Twilight Saga.  So I only have to avoid spoilers for another day.

Speaking of vampires and movies... If you have been a regular reader of any of my ramblings, then you know I've been hinting at something themed blog-related for the new year.
Well, part of that is every Tuesday starting in 2013, I'm going to do a post on the movie blog about vampire movies.
There's a shocker for ya eh?   I'm coming to the end of the year for the one movie a day for the year challenge- damn that's a mouthful- and am thinking of how to continue the blog over there.  I'm also going to be doing a second year challenge.
Which I'll talk about when I get it all straightened out in my own head. I've got ideas and need to organize how to do most of them.

catch up later

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Season 2 Day 27

I posted on my main blog last night with a painting I was working on -on the computer.  I spent some time yesterday puttering around with ideas for a project.
Well, actually, I spent about four hours yesterday going through iStockphotos and clip art sites looking for something to use in an post but couldn't find anything suitable.
Not totally true, did find a few cool looking photos that would have worked, but they had been downloaded hundreds of times and I've seen them everywhere on book covers and dvd covers and other websites so I didn't want to use them. 
This lead to me spending some time trying to draw something for the project.   Ended up making this really cheesy cartoon, but it will do for now.

And the project itself, is part of the movie challenge. Well, a mix of the movie challenge and one of my goals I was talking about earlier in the week.  Only I suppose since I was talking about it on that website about reaching your goals/dreams it might not make sense for those of you reading this here.

Don't worry, all this will start to make some sense in a few weeks, once I have more pieces in place. 

Succeed or fail.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

s2 d26 continued

The doctor's appointment.

It went fine.  The surgeon was happy with everything, had me bend my leg, straighten it, looked at the scar, took x-rays, and was overall pleased.  He did make a comment about how he doesn't see any reason why in time, that I shouldn't be able to do everything I was able to before it happened. So that makes me feel better.

It's been a long an painful 9 and 1/2 months with this whole knee issue.  I still have nightmares from it.  Hell, I still have nightmares from my car accident and couple of my older injuries that happened 15 years ago.

I can't handle pain at all.  Totally useless when a crisis happens.

The surgeon did mention again about having my ankle redone at some point.
When I was 23 years old, I double dislocated my ankle and have had a pin in it ever since. The surgeon thinks it would be wise to have an upgrade on it.

Season 2 Day 26

it's 7:30am and I'm on my second cup of coffee already, with The 69 Eyes blasting in my iPod.
Getting ready for what should be my last doctor's appointment with the surgeon.   So, yay I get to spend half the day sitting around the fracture clinic waiting room in the hospital.
So, yeah field trip.

So very short post for this morning.   I'll throw this in the post for the hell of it.

Catch up later

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Season 2 Day 25

Goals and dreams.
We all have them. Even if we only have one in our lifetime, or if we have hundreds.  Lately, I haven't felt like I have had any at all.

The other week, I joined a website that deals only with your goals in life, and how to make them come true.
And as I wrote up the first round of my goals, I started to notice a pattern. I had five things in life I want to do, that all came down to the same thing.   Writing. 
At first glance, they all seemed to be completely different goals, but when you look at them all grouped together, it was basically the same thing.

As things progress, I'll let you know. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Season 2 Day 24

What will all the movie places do, all the fan sites, all the internet spots like GetGlue; do after next week when Twilight Breaking Dawn p2 comes out?

All those places/people/fans who have been promoting it for the last 6 months, what will be the next movie that they dig their teeth into ?

I'm serious here.  What happens after it's all over?

From the promotion idea, it's been on the same scale as Star Wars the prequel-trilogy and that's saying something. ...

which makes me think that the new Star Trek #2 will be the big deal.

Well, I hope it will anyways.
I'm marking May 17th 2013 on my calendar... Star Trek into  Darkness

Friday, November 9, 2012

Season 2 Day 23

Sitting here listening to the new The 69 Eyes cd
I go next week for my last doctor's appointment with the surgeon.

I realized I hadn't come in here the last few days to post.   I've been posting on some of the other blogs I have this week, but nothing serious.

I think that's my problem, I feel like there should be something massively serious for me to be talking about, to be doing.  And really my life is just a bunch of busy nothings.

My highlight yesterday was playing a video game.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Season 2 Day 22

Movies movies movies.
This year I had chosen for me to be the year of movies.  But it wasn't until just a minute ago, when I was reading some of the comments from people on GetGlue about the new Twilight movie, that I realized, this has unwittingly been the year of the movie.

For everyone.  Everyone seems to have had a movie this year that they really are/were looking forward to.  Whether it was the superhero movies like Avengers or Spider-man, or the horror films like Sinister or Paranormal Activity,  or the vampire movies like Dark Shadows or Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter  everyone had a movie this year that they would/have done anything to see. 

Odd that.

I read once that in years when there were massive world traumas movies did better.  People want to escape the reality of how bad things are and movies are the best way to do that.

Looking back on this year for me, that's more then fitting.

Could be why this was such a good year in television too for shows like Once Upon A Time.  The chance to tune out and just escape reality for a few hours.

But Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Holy hell man.  I am starting to think it's the most anticipated movie of the year. Maybe even the last five years. I'd say decade, actually. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Season 2 Day 21

It's a Sunday.  Yeah, 4 days since I blogged last. Pretty much anywhere other then the movie challenge blog.
I'm becoming a really bad blogger. I have to break that habit ... or you know use the offline time to do something worth blogging about more.

Funny thing that. When I started blogging all them years ago, I had such a busy life, tons of stuff to blog about now, I just babble about nothing really.

So, the last week, been totally into the British tv show  Being Human.   Spent all my time watching it on Netflix Canada.  All four seasons. 
I am going to have to get it on dvd or something and try to find a way to see the new season in a few months when it airs.

yeah, totally addicted.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Season 2 Day 20

Happy Hallowe'en!

If you follow the movie blog, I'll be posting on there later in the evening.  The plan, is a movie marathon and a Rocky Horror Picture Show party. 
Yeah, I didn't think that totally through, but I posted about doing it earlier in the week, so I'll give it my best shot.  But not until trick or treat time.

I joined Netflix the other day, and spent all of yesterday watching the first season of the British tv show Being Human.   I'm hooked.
I tried looking up the american version but, it just didn't do it for me.  Then again, I've always dug British television. Honestly, I swear I was born in the wrong country, I should have been British.
It's someplace I still hope to visit in my lifetime. 
Both England and Ireland actually.

So, it's been Hallowe'en Week here, which I have done my best to cover over on the movie challenge blog.  Guessing, I'll have to totally swing the blog in the other direction on the weekend, to sort of differentiate that Hallowe'en is over. Which I have no idea other then a complete chick flick fest for a few days... 

There is just too much to get done today, before supper time.  It's like this city officially has Hallowe'en marked as starting at 6pm EST.  All the normal business stuff seems to shift into Hallowe'en at 6pm.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Season 2 day 19

Once again, back home. Came home yesterday morning.
Survived almost 24 hours. 

There is a new neighbour living in the apartment below me, and I already want to strangle her.  Party person. Enough said.

The movie challenge blog, movie de jour makes Day 304. Knocking down those days. Already have a plan for the new year in regards to the challenge. Which I know I've hinted at already.

And now, I don't know what to do with myself.  I keep sitting down to write, but I end up looking a blank pages.
It's going to be one of those days I think.  Me puttering around in circles again.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Season 2 Day 18

A blogging we will go...

Busy few days movie/tv wise.  After watching Mockingbird Lane last night, I did a small post on my vampire blog , and we are 3 days into Hallowe'en Week over on my movie blog.

Today marks Day 302 on there. 

So, during Mockingbird Lane, I was hanging out on GetGlue, and taking part in some of the chat that was happening for the show.  I know most of the critics bashed it but, as far as I was witnessing last night in the live thread, the fans seemed to be loving it. 
Not all, mind you there were some people who turned it off five minutes in complaining how it just wasn't their Munsters from the past growing up.
Well, yeah it wasn't meant to be.

Times have changed, people have changed some, so why should we expect a total carbon copy of something that originally came out 50 years ago?

I think what made the original so endearing was that back then, the world was a bit more ... tight. You didn't really have the openness of being what and who you really are like you do now. The original Munsters were a breakthrough because they reminded everyone that not everyone will be what you expect.
And today, from a skimmed point of view, we take that for granted. 

Most of the turn out I was reading and the people I was chatting with loved it.  It was much darker then the original but that again has to do with audiences having a more intelligent need for how they are served their shows. (though with some of the so called reality tv it makes me wonder if shows like Mockingbird Lane weren't too intelligent for some)
Remember how dark both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and X-Files were when they first came on, or the grand-daddy of them all Twin Peaks

I hope NBC really takes into consideration the fans on this one.

Mockingbird Lane deserves a chance to shine.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Season 2 Day 17

It's sunny and clear outside today.   Blagh.  Don't care for "nice" days, as I always end up with sinus headaches.

Not much going on right now.  But hey, finally unlocked that infamous "twi-hard" sticker on GetGlue. Without even having to chat with anyone about the movies/books.  So that's cool. Now, if my stickers would just arrive in the mail I could finish at lest 7 scrapbook pages I'm currently working on.

Speaking of scrapbooking, who else is addicted to the whole Smash style of books?  Dude, I have two smash books and three of the glue-pens.  I know they are just blank journals with cute paper, but they are convenient. I mean man, they are ready made with the scrapbook pages and the handy glue-pen, some with pockets.

Okay so my geek is showing, when is it not?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Season 2 Day 16

I think I have mentioned on here before, that I am in the middle of making a scrapbook for the movie challenge.
I have bits and pieces done on it. Going to wait till I have finished the year's movie challenge before I post some photos of it on the movie blog.
And you've also read on here about me being addicted to GetGlue, collecting stickers on there.  If you're not on GetGlue, then let me say that when you reach twenty stickers online, you can order the physical ones. I'm still waiting for my first couple of batches to come in the mail, they should have arrived this week.
And I'm waiting very impatiently because I plan to use them in the scrapbook, as most of them I've been winning on GetGlue or collecting depending on your point of view, are movie and tv  related. So I have a bunch of themed pages for the scrapbook that are unfinished because of the stickers.

I hate waiting I'm really horrible at it.

I got the idea for the movie scrapbook a few weeks into the actual movie challenge.  Been collecting anything I can get my hands on to do with movies. Ticket stubs from the films I got to see, movie reviews from the newspaper, etc. 

You know, scrapbooking stuff.

And that is where my mind is today. On page designs and colour schemes.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Season 2 Day 15

Lovely rain!
I love days like this, perfect vampire movie weather.  

I totally broken down and came back to mom's on the weekend. Caught up with the tv shows she taped for me over the four days I was at home, and spent all of yesterday and today watching movies.
Back home tomorrow.  I don't know how I'm going to handle it once the snow comes and I really am "trapped" in the apartment?
I'm driving myself insane.

Anyways, loving that horror fest thing on the Crackle online site. Free movies.  Been watching a few horror films.
There are a few that I just don't get why they are considered "cult classics"? 

Short post, more like me just babbling...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Season 2 Day 14

Thinking about Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The art of it mostly.
Working on some scrapbook pages, and am trying to find "the missing element" for the FALILV page.

Thinking I might have to go back to mom's for a few days.  This is getting bad.  All I wanted was to get home, get back to my own space, and it's just more then I can handle.
I remember why I was hating this place before the knee injury.  The pipes that don't always work, the toilet that never stops making noise, the broken window that no matter how many times I remind the landlord has not been fixed in 4 years, the broken heater that I have been complaining about for 8 years that never seems to get fixed.
At lest the psycho who used to live across the hall moved months ago, aka the landlord's daughter and grandson. There were times I swear the kid was possessed the way he screamed and threw stuff.

So I'm sitting here now, having a coffee, trying to find the right picture of the same kind of car in Fear and Loathing.  I don't think my drawing ability would be close enough, as I've never attempted to draw cars.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Season 2 Day 13

listening to Sixx A.M.  "This is Gonna Hurt"   cd.  Damn, I didn't realize how much I missed my cds. I've tracked down a few videos here and there online while I was at mom's but, nothing is as good as your own music collection.

Looking around my hovel, it's both wonderful to be home and terrifying at the same time.  Back last winter before I fell and destroyed my knee and life, I was in the middle of packing hoping that disability would have found me a new place.  Now, over the course of the last 7 and a half months that I've been at mom's recovering, my mom and uncle would come here to get my mail and picked up a few things for me. 
Of which they had to search and search for, tossing other stuff all over the place.  At one point, they took my bedroom curtains down.  Which were large pieces of dark material to make my room as dark as possible. 
I have no idea how I'm going to get the material back up? I can't climb on a chair anymore.  Damn, that's going to make issues with changing light bulbs too...


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Season 2 Day 12

It's a lovely rainy morning.  I'm hanging out on GetGlue, and watching last night's WWE Raw.
Still don't understand why they think having it over three hours is a good idea? I still think it's an hour and half too long.

Looks like I'm finally going to get home tomorrow.  and the odd thing is, mom was asking how long I plan to be before I come back?   She wasn't being snarky or sarcastic either.
Nearly 8 months I've been stuck here. I just want to get home.  Even if I am going to be stuck inside my own apartment for the winter.

Friday was my last day of physio therapy, and I really feel the difference.  Just this last couple of days, my knee is killing me. I didn't realize how much the machines they had me working on and the way the therapist had to work on my leg, was keeping it loose.   At lest there is no more swelling in it.

That's about it for this morning. Catch you all later

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Season 2 Day 11

Weird blog issues again.

Movie de jour is up. Day 290

Really loving that new tv show Arrow.  That I believe will be the big hit of the season.  I know I said that about another show few weeks ago, but that was few weeks ago before Arrow started. 
Not much to talk about right now, the plan is to get home on Wednesday.

Was hoping to have a big 31 days of horror films for the movie challenge, but since I'm not home yet I don't have my dvds. So that is on the shelf.

To anyone who might be catching this that is part of the TNA ppv tonight... if you missed my blog post yesterday on my main red blog,  stay safe.

till later

Friday, October 12, 2012

Season 2 Day 10

Okay so I've been off line since yesterday.  Not on purpose.   We had internet issues and both our computers were down.
The poor repair/tech guy just left and I'm sure he was wanting to rip his hair out because we were asking stuff and explaining what had happened.

Let me rephrase that, I was trying to explain and my mother was talking over me asking questions and the poor tech guy was literally spinning in circles for about fifteen minutes while he tried to get the gist of it all.

But, problem solved!    But, I am yet another day behind on the movie de jour. 

And I have no idea if I'm done physio therapy or not.  Was there today, but therapist left before I had a chance to talk to him.  I'll find out on Monday morning if I need to go back or not.

You don't realize just how addicted you are to something till it breaks down on you.   I'm such an internet junkie.

Till later

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Season 2 Day 9

The last few days have been really crappy. I haven't really had much to say, nor have I wanted to talk.

Wanna start with physio therapy being cancelled again this week.  Both yesterday and today's were because my physio therapist hasn't come back yet.  Which makes me wonder if everything went okay with his wife and the baby?
Guess I'll find out tomorrow one way or another.

Friday, is suppose to be my last day for physio therapy.  But now, with having missed nearly a full week, I'm wondering if they will extend it another week or just let it ride?

Looks like I am finally getting to the cinema tonight.  Long story.  But I've been wanting to see that vampire cartoon Hotel Transylvania since I first heard about it back in May. 
I guess I better save up money now for next month so that I can see the final episode of Twilight.  again, long story filled with too much drama. 
What it boils down to is I am still not able to take a bus yet and need a ride cause, I don't drive.

Season 4 of Vampire Diaries starts tomorrow.  I'm going to just DVR it for a few episodes till after I can see season 3.  And yes, I broke down and ordered season 3 few days ago from amazon.  Should be here by the weekend.
Safe to say, vampires are a massive weakness.  I feel like the catch phrase for that one wrestler Ryback... feed me more.

If you missed the movie de jour yesterday, it was Day 287  a musical.

catch you later

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Season 2 Day 8

I was just hanging out on GetGlue, and someone made a comment about vampire movies.
I answered them.  Most likely just pissed them off to no end, but that's about all I'm good at... vampire movies.  And pissing people off at times.
Seriously, vampires are a topic I could spend days on.  Or years for that matter.  Or you know, a year.

Speaking of vampires, I just finished watching seasons 1 and 2 of Vampire Diaries.  Have to get my paws on season 3 asap. Too bad for me season 3 is like $80 on DVD

Again, not much happening around here today.  I spend way too much time online.  Hoping once I get back home in the next few days, that my craft projects and books will keep me sane for a bit.  It will be weird living alone again after this last 7 months stuck on mom's sofa.
And there's this weird lump right under my knee cap.  Well, can't say weird, as it's the spot where the bone is fixed back together from the surgery.  Just, it's un-pretty.

Happy Thanksgiving if you're in Canada.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Season 2 Day 7

I'm not happy.
Been stuck babysitting since last night, and the kid is still here.  I've seen a few Disney films in the last 24 hours that I never wanted to see.
Tried to write a blog post on another blog few hours ago, and it didn't make any sense when I read what I posted.  All because the kid kept asking me stuff and making noise. 

Currently stuck watching some sort of cartoon on the disney channel.  One of those "what is the name of this pet...when you see a sheep yell sheep"   which of course the kid actually screams out the answers to the tv screen and runs over to point and pat the part of the screen the things are.

I really don't know why or how anyone chooses to do this sort of thing on a daily basis. It boggles my mind.

I just want to watch my Vampire Diaries season 2.

Anyways, looks like I'll be getting home after next weekend.  Finally.  It's only been 7 long months of being stuck here at my mothers.  I'm able to hobble around without the cane in the apartment which is great.

I'm tired and cranky so best to end this post here tonight.

Hope everyone is having a Good Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Season 2 Day 6

What a lovely long weekend for me.

I was just getting ready, having just scrambled off two short blog posts on the same thing basically for the main blog and the vampire blog, as it's author Anne Rice's birthday;  when I got a call from the hospital.   My physio therapy is cancelled for today and tomorrow on account of my therapist's wife having gone into labor. And it's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. So I have like a 5 day weekend.

Whoo- and a hoo!

And that's basically all I've got to talk about right now.  I've only been up for 45 minutes.
Short blog, catch you all later.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Season 2 Day 5


I broke down and ordered the first season of Vampire Diaries.  I'm beyond hooked.

No tv shows to talk about today, other then my soap operas.  Been behaving as far as tv goes.

Well, this has really not turned out the way I was hoping.  Anyways, short post tonight.  I got out for a few minutes after physio therapy this morning and picked up a few new vampire dvds at a clearance sale.  Or what I thought was a nice stack of new vampire movies.  Looks like I got two serial killer movies, two zombie movies (icky) and one vampire movie I already have in a 4 pack collection that I didn't realize was the same movie cause it had a different cover.

I suck.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Season 2 Day 4

And I have yet to make it over to my main blog this week.  Talk about being out of balance.

Did not go this morning to physio therapy, had a day off. Yay.  Took advantage and watched Dark Shadows on Shaw Video On Demand.
Been trying to get just one of the stickers for Dark Shadows on GetGlue, can't seem to do it. Don't know how many times I need to comment either.

Was going to talk about the show Revolution but talked about it enough last night on GetGlue while it was on, and it's lost it's appeal today.

Yes, another short post and half way off topic. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Season 2 Day 3

I'm late in the afternoon today, for all of you who like to read me in the morning.
I spent my morning before going to physio, on GetGlue chatting with a few people and trying to earn a Dark Shadows sticker, which I still have not managed to crack.

Anyways, I said I was going to recap the ABC line up from last night.

Once Upon A Time.... the second season opened with a parallel story.  Not the typical way season one handled it either, with each character in modern world and their back story in fairy tale land; but with the modern world learning that they are from fairy tale world and with a current story in fairy tale world about Sleeping Beauty.
They introduced a vampire like creature, that seemed too much like the death eaters or whatever they were on Harry Potter movies.  One of which was after the Queen.  She sent it off to the abyss but not before it dragged Emma and Snow White with it. 
They ended up in modern fairy tale world with Sleeping Beauty.
The actual opening scene of the show introduced one more new character, in modern world, who I am guessing is Rumpelstilskin's son who was sent to "earth" by beanstalk in an episode from season one.  All we were given in that opening scene was a man in modern world who got a postcard from Storybrooke by pigeon.

666 Park Avenue... A young couple move into an old building and start to discover strange things happening.  Everyone who lives there for starters, are uber successful in their field. Like impossibly successful.  The guy who owns the building, is sort of the devil and forces another tenant to kill for him. 
The couple are both working their way up the ladder of their chosen fields, the woman is working on the historical aspect of the building and is sort of the manager of the building.  The building is called the Drake, named after the dragon painting she finds in the basement. Soon, she's having nightmares about ghosts and in her research discovers that a cult used to use the basement for rituals back in the 1940's.
This reminds me so much of the movie Devil's Advocate  (which was based on a novel)  and I was surprised in learning that 666 Park Avenue is based on a novel.

I know I said I would recap Revenge as well, but I didn't get to see it. 

Okay, that's today's post.  Stay Sane

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Season 2 Day 2

Can I confess something... I'm feeling this pressure to get back to being the "queen of the damned" for the wrestling world.  It's not something coming from outside, from other fans who read my wrestling write ups; and it's sure as hell not coming from the industry.  There are hundreds of fans who have started doing what I was doing.
The pressure is all self inflicted.  And I'm not too sure why?
I almost feel guilty I stopped doing the wrestling reviews and commentary. 
Maybe slowed down to a non audible crawl is more like it as I still once a month or so do a small post over on my under used wrestling blog.

I actually blogged this morning over on my main blog.  The big red one.  I miss that blog.  I just haven't been in the same vibe for writing on there lately as I have for here.  Again, some blogging guilt.

Okay, I think I will use this blog, for the next few days as a place to talk about tv.  Just to give myself a chance to get back into the grove with my other blogs.

So this coming week on this here blog, will be about the new tv shows.  And tonight, ABC's line up is going to be a heavy one.   The return of Once Upon A Time,  the return of Revenge and the new show 666 Park Avenue.
So I'll either get around to posting about them tonight after I watch them, or tomorrow.  I'm still toying with the idea of turning this into a motivational/weight loss blog... but I think until I get my grove back with my main blog... tv show rewinds for a few days it is.

Hope everyone is having a wicked Sunday.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Season 2 Day 1

I'm running about twenty minutes behind this morning.

And I still have no idea what to do with this blog now.  Do I go with the logical route and just continue on as I was, or do I dedicate this to one topic?

What I sort of miss is the circle group of wishes that I was part of on here last year.   But I long since stopped taking part in the group because it was just difficult to keep up with everyone. There were a few hundred on some days to get to.

I am a blog addict.  Seriously, I am.  I've had a few main blogs over the last 8 or so years, but I keep branching out with single blogs for certain topics because I was finding that certain readers only wanted certain topics and would bitch when they had to hunt through my posts all the time.

What is suppose to be my "main blog"  right now, has gone down to about once a week.  And that's not on purpose either.  Just, ended up spending all my time in the last few months on here and on the movie blog.

And it's only going to get worse with the themed movie challenge I am going to do in the New Year. I'm sort of resurrecting a nearly dead blog for that project. 

More on all this later, I need to get to physio therapy.

Stay sane

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 365

Oh my god, I finished something!
That was part of the reason for doing a "year" of blogging.   so this wasn't perfect. I mean, man, it took me an extra what 9 months I think to complete 365 days.  Something I didn't manage to do on the original YILOORN blog. 
The reason I never continued on that one was because I wanted to distance myself from the crap, from the drama that had been the start point of the original one. And I felt fake on that original YILOORN blog.  I was catering a lot to the women's group I had joined at that time. I was hiding from a former friend/business partner and basically from myself.

I know there has been moments on this one that has leaned towards some but still, I feel this blog here is so much lighter, warmer, and healthier then some of the other blogs I've worked on over the years.

If I had been thinking clearly, when I started the one movie a day challenge back on December 3rd 2011,  I would have done the blogging for that either on here or else on my main blog.  But, I was so in the moment with the idea of blogging for a year straight with a purpose; that I went off and created the movie blog.

I think that might have been part too of why this blog got so in the weeds for awhile, I didn't have a theme or purpose for it for a really long time.  Ironically, this is where I felt the most comfortable talking about my knee injury that it became the health update blog.
My poor readers.  Those of you who have been loyal to me the most, I'm sorry I've made you jump around so much from blog to blog.

I have to figure out now how to turn around the energy on some of my other blogs to make a few people more comfortable reading them. And myself for that matter.  There has been times when I've logged into my own blogs to post and have gotten just bad vibes because of other people having visited, or left comments or what have you.
And even if you don't believe that sort of thing, you can't deny that some places on the internet just make you feel overwhelmed or tired or icky.

Either way, you understand what I mean.

So, I am down to something like 90 days  on the movie challenge blog. I've completed 275 days of movies. And even though I missed last night, it's crunch time now.  I will not be able to miss many more in order to complete it before New Years.  So here's hoping nothing unforeseen happens between now and the end of December to keep me from doing so.
Which means, all the "what that movie inspired me to do"  projects will have to wait till after the new year. And I do have a few in progress as well as a short list of ones I still want to do.   The movie blog will have to be straight up movies and maybe a few quotes here and there, nothing that's going to take too many hours from the day.
I spend close to 4 hours of the day in physio therapy now, 5 days a week.

And you might be wondering why I'm feeling the rush not to go over the movie challenge into the New Year?    Well, because I've already got the beginning stages of a second one started.
One that I want to start on January the 1st 2013.  I've been hinting at it for the last few weeks, and I am actually excited about it.

For anyone who is just tuning into this, you might be wondering why a grown woman would be excited about something like challenging herself to watch one movie a day for a year?  
Because, I learned stuff about myself during this first experiment.  And I am talking about the movie challenge.  I learned how well or not so well depending on your point of view, I can handle the unexpected.  I learned a lot about how my relationships with my family members were not what I always thought they were.
And I'm still learning.  Which I think is a great point of the project.

I just realized how long this blog post is, so I will wrap this one up.

I'm still going to use this blog, I just have to figure out what direction I want to take it. 

Catch up with everyone tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

364 B

Does anyone else find those dolls that pee creepy?

Babysitting again over here, and She 's got one of those dolls.  Seems a bit on the morbid side, and for me to call something morbid given my obsession with vampires, is saying something.

And if you're following the movie blog... I am not sure I'll get the movie write up done tonight, because of the babysitting issue. 
I know I've mentioned it before, about how when I started that one movie a day challenge, I did not consider that there would be days when things would get in the way and keep me from getting to see the movies. 
Which is something I've taken into consider for the next challenge.

catch you all tomorrow

Day 364

One day to go on this "assignment"  then I start a new one.
I actually slept till the alarm went off this morning.  And I feel like I lost half my morning.  Gotten so used to being up 45minutes before the alarm, didn't realize how much I actually got done in that extra time.

So short post this morning.

I'm terrible at multitasking.  Really wish I didn't have to go to physio today.  Could use more sleep.
Having first cup of coffee and then rushing to get ready to go.

I'll post more later...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 363

it's after midnight, so it's okay to post.
Getting ready for bed, sort of.  I know I should be asleep but was watching the end of WWE Raw, which we get here an hour later.  Yes, that's right, Canada gets the Live Monday Night Raw  taped with an hour delay. So it's not all that live.

I have no idea why either?

Anyways, caught the last hour of it after watching Revolution.  Will catch up with the first two hours on replay tomorrow.  Yes, that's right, the Score in Canada gives us two replays cause we're like wrestling junkies. 
Seriously, there isn't much else you can put on a sports channel when other games run over time and mess up the schedule or when something causes a event to be cancelled.  But wrestling, dude it normally is something you can slap on in the last second.   And given the way matches run, you can even use a half hour worth of show with the notion of it "being already in progress"

I had a lovely chat about stickers on GetGlue.   I'm waiting for mine to come in the mail in order to finish a few scrapbook pages in the movie project that I'm doing.   Yes, stickers.  No I never grew up nor do I intend to.
I want to be 17 forever.  Maybe 12 if I can pull it off.   There's growing up and then there's taking responsibility.   I'll take responsibility but I will never grow up.

I need a guy who pretty much looks at life in the same way.  He's out there, just not in a twenty block radius of where I hang out.
But that my readers is another story for another time and possibly another space/place.

Raise your hand if you feel like singing Rocky Horror Picture Show  songs.... whenever I hear someone say "another time and place"   I always think about the last scene in the movie when the Narrator closes the book and the house blasts off.    Good times. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

362 B

I feel so betrayed.   My love, my obsession, my GetGlue.
I went to check into a topic, everything was groovy, refresh the page and it made me log in again.  When I did, there was a totally different website.  Damn you bastards!  Minus everything!  All it had were tv shows and movies and everything else was gone.  GONE! 
Then, in microscopic print was a link to the old original site.  Fine, do it the hard way.

I'm not the only one upset by this update, hundreds of people are feeling the same, many saying they are going to delete their profiles.

It sucks.  Even though they are swearing they will keep the old version for the majority of us who want something more then tv shows and movies,  we have to wonder... not too mention, how does that effect cross overs?   Can we communicate with the people using the new version?

I hate change. It's not always a good thing.

Day 362

I'm up, once again before the alarm. Which, I suppose is a good thing as it lets me get this done without becoming late for physio.

Anyway, not a lot to say this morning. Checking in to GetGlue, moping about the fact I'm missing out on all the Halloween sales at the stores because I haven't been shopping since the day I smashed up my knee.  And when I say shopping, I mean I have not been to the mall, or Walmart even.  I don't really consider five minutes at the craft store shopping.
And with Zellers going out of business here... all those clearance sales in the dvd department... deep sigh.

I said it before in real life and on the blogs,  in Sex and the City  Carrie Bradshaw had her shoe addiction and I have my DVD addiction.

Just a few more days on this blog for this "year"  then I will be starting fresh with a new single focus. And at that time, my other blog - the big red one- will become my main blog again. Or so that's my plan at this moment.
But if I learned anything from the knee injury is that plans can chance in the blink of an eye.

Okay coffee now, then off to physio therapy for three hours.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 361

...and I'm thinking this morning about blogs.  About wrestlers.  About the official Spike channel TNA blog.  And how the hits are not as high with Robbie E as they used to be with the MotorCityMachine Guns! (god I miss them in the company)

I also noticed that he didn't post this last week.  What's up with that?  Okay, so I actually only started to read his share of the blog in the last week, and to be honest I'm not sure I should have.

But the first thing that came to mind when I read his post on tag teams, was that he's too in character. I get that he's suppose to be, that it's sort of the point.  But at the same time, he needs to break character just an inch. I don't mean totally break down that 4th wall, just... light the work station so that his silhouette can be seen through the curtain.

That's if he's even still got the homework assignment of the blog...

 Speaking of blogs... If you follow my movie challenge blog, I had 3 posts on there yesterday.  The movie de jour,  a top 5 and the quote of the day.
If only I could get that much work done in the rest of my life I'd be spiffy.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 360

Birds are singing outside.  The best sound in the world

Collecting my morning stickers on GetGlue and thinking I have maybe ten minutes before the kid wakes up and steals tv.  I hate babysitting. 
They don't even ask half the time anymore, just show up with the kid.  I'm not babysitting actually, it's mom who is, but one more reason to get strong enough to go back home.

Down to the last few days in "the year"  for this blog, then a fresh year with a more focused topic.

And if you're following the movie blog, I've cracked the 100 mark.  Like 98 days left on the one movie a day challenge.  And I've already got plans for 2013 as far as that challenge goes. But more on that later. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 359

I turn on my computer, it flashes and suddenly there is Skype.
I don't use skype, don't even know how it got on my computer.  But for some reason, it won't let me delete it.

Cold, rainy, dark.  Just the way I like it.   It is officially the first day of Fall.  Lovely.

Not much to talk about this morning.  I'm finally caught up on my wrestling for the last week.  Minus last night's TNA Impact that is.  I either have to wait for the show to be officially uploaded to Spike or hunt it down on youtube. 

Okay, off to have a coffee then get ready for physio.  My knee is starting to look normal shaped now that the swelling is down. I hope my scar fades a bit as it takes up half my leg.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 358

It's funny watching mother watch wrestling.
WWE NXT was on last night, and we were watching the Seth Rollins - I still want to call him Tyler Black- match. Mom was yelling at the tv telling him to watch out. And of course commented on his two toned hair, which does look very much like another certain former TNA wrestler's hair... hhmmm, anyways; just before that there had been a tag team match which mom was screaming "that's not fair he is not suppose to interfere he should be sent to the back"
 mom has become a wrestling junkie.  It's only taken 38 years.

Getting ready for physio therapy. It's a later time again today, but my body has gotten used to getting up at the same time for the last while, and once again, I was up before the alarm.  I may need a nap by the time I get home.

The dvr mom has, only allows you to set the timer for a week a head of time.  Mom made the comment yesterday when a commercial came on for one of the new shows that is starting next week, about having to call me every night once I get back home to let her know what needs to be set in the dvr.

Just waiting out the last couple of weeks of physio therapy then when I don't need to get out every single day, I will be going home.  I am still having issues with stairs.

Okay, going to end this here because they have started doing some sort of construction work in the building and I can't think straight.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 357

How are all my blogging people today?

Yes, good mood.  It's raining, dark and gloomy out. Perfect weather for heading into Fall.  Though, Fall seemed to start a week early here.  Normally we have 3 seasons here,  Winter which lasts from Nov 2nd till April 28th ish, Construction which lasts from April 28th ish till Sept 30th and October which well lasts from October 1st till October 31st. 
Nov 1st is almost like a free space with it being All Souls Day, technically an extension of Hallowe'en. It's definitely candy season, cause that's when all the people are eating their treats and that's when the stores put them on sale.  For clearance to make room for the x-mas stuff.

But, if you've been reading me for any amount of time you know I like rainy days like this because it's the only time I don't seem to have sinus headaches.  I had a brutal one yesterday when the weather was starting to change.
I really need to move to a place that is closer to the sea.  Not the little bay of filth we have here but a proper coast.

So, having a coffee, hanging out on GetGlue and getting ready for physio.  Which is an hour later today. And somehow, I still woke long before the alarm. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

356 B

You might remember I mentioned like two weeks ago, that I was reading an autobiography called The Ramen King and I, How the Inventor of Instant Noodles Fixed My Love Life  by Andy Raskin.

Well, I finished it before I went to physio this morning. 

First off, I had heard about the book on GetGlue, and the few reviews and comments people had written of it were very negative.  But I've never let that stop me before.  I am one of those people who believes that everything happens for a reason when it does and to whom it does.
There was a reason I was meant to learn about this book now.

I just haven't really figured out what that is yet.

You follow the life of the author as he goes through a form of rehab, and takes the risks in his personal and career lives that he's been afraid to until that point, all the while trying to gain a meeting with Mr. Ando. 

What I learned from this book, is that you can't look at what you have failed to accomplish, but what you have managed to accomplish. You just have to recognize that failures are the baby steps to the success, the learning and realizing that if you didn't have the guts to at lest try then you truly failed. And that sometimes no matter how much you pray/plan/or beg, you might not get what you want but be led to what you need.
Which is pretty much what my physio therapist has been drilling into my mind about my knee for the last 6 months.

Day 356

Cold, rainy, dark outside.
My kind of morning.

I've really got nothing to talk about this morning.   Physio therapy went well yesterday. I hope today does too.

I did watch that new show last night, Revolution.  It was good.  I don't think it will last more then 2 seasons, but it will draw people for the next few months. 
You can tell a good tv year when you can find more then one show a night you want to see. There used to be a time when Friday nights were the night every show wanted to be on, and Mondays were the lame duck.  Now, Mondays seems to be the big night and you don't get much of anything on Fridays anymore. 

Life shifts.  Sometimes it's subtle and sometimes it's with a quake.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 355

Happy Birthday Elvira.
Well, the actress... the character was created on a different date.

Not much to talk about this morning, just getting ready for physio therapy.
But I added a small blog post on my vampire blog just about this, so I thought I'd come in and write something here on this blog.

Nearly finished reading "Ramen King and I"  that I mentioned a week or two ago, so far so good.

Okay, getting coffee then going to physio.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 354

I think GetGlue has underestimated their sticker collectors. They opened the first Twilight sticker yesterday for the new movie, and it was one that they had more of, as in a few thousand copies.
It is now expired, and the second one which was not scheduled for another few weeks had to be made available.  I find this funny.

In my life time, I've seen two major movie franchises cause this sort of frenzy in people.  Star Wars and Star Trek.  It's weird to think that a series of vampire films for teens would ever be put in the same category, but it is-has-will.

You all know I have a hate-lukewarm hate- for Twilight.  It's like when your starved but dislike everything on the menu, you still have to pick something  to eat, so you pick the soup and salad.

And if you're wondering if I went for my copy of the Twilight movie stickers on there... you bet your Maltese Bippy I did.   I'm still trying to get movie related stuff for my movie project. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 353

Trying to catch up with last night's WWE Smackdown.  Had to DVR it cause mom ended up babysitting last minute. 

Also hanging out on GetGlue, still my new favourite obsession, and it's weird, seeing how some people interact on there. The only conversations I've really taken part in are for my favourite soap opera, Bold and Beautiful. But I've been reading the fan pages for everything that I've been listing in my profile.  Some of the stuff is like a riot in process.

Something else I've noticed, about commercials on tv.  The only time there are any movie commercials is during wrestling.  It's like none of the regular channels seem to play any movie commercials, but the sports station does.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 352

I've been up for less then half an hour and already I'm shaking.
you should not start your internet reading for the morning with the Blogger Status updates. It will either upset you or freak you out to paranoia.

So, physio yesterday... he's upping me to five days a week again starting Monday. 
And here I thought I was really doing well when he down scheduled me to three days a week. 

My jaw is still weird. Now the other side is making cracking sounds whenever I open my mouth.  I'm starting to really worry. 
I think my body is just getting revenge for the last 6 and a half months of wear and tear from the knee.  I tore muscles in the first few weeks of this mess from the crutches, had what felt like a small stress fracture in the one arm because of the crutches, my good leg is constantly achy, my ribs were because of the way I was standing with the cane, and now my jaw...  so yeah when you get injured don't assume it's just one body part that is affected cause it's not. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 351

I got my mother hooked on the Vampire Diaries in only two episodes.  Nice.  I think it has more to do with the one actor looking like a young Rob Lowe then anything else, but still it's interesting to see her watching the show.
I mentioned on my vampire themed blog few weeks ago, that we've only just got the series here in my area.  The channel here that started carrying it, has been showing it from the first season, so we're only about 8 or 9 episodes into the first season.  I have this feeling I'm going to have to break down soon and order the dvds of all of the seasons to date. 
Why I find this funny, is the fact that I could never get her to watch Forever Knight, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel. 
I was always banned to the basement growing up if I wanted to watch vampire movies while mom was home.  I ended up just having my room in the basement and my own tv and vcr by the time I was 12.

Anyways, that's the randomness that's on my mind this morning as I get ready for another day of physio therapy.  Therapist said today will be a day of deep knee squats.  I'm not sure how that's going to go given I still can't bend to pick things up unless I bend at the waist.  I needed to tie my shoe the other day and had a hell of a time cause I could not bend at the knee. 

Try it, from a standing position, bend at the waist, no help from anyone, no lifting your leg or propping it on anything and tie your shoe. Totally straight legged and you'll see it's a bit difficult.

Anyways, coffee then I'm off to physio.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 350

In the home stretch with this year on this blog.  Then, the "new year" shall begin with a more focused topic.

The movie de jour is up. Day 262.
I thought about giving a heads up, but na. I'm evil.

Physio therapy yesterday was stressful and tiring.  I had to do laps around the physio gym, without my cane.  I'd get two steps at a time and have to stop. Took me nearly a half hour to go around the room. I didn't realize just how little weight I've really been putting through the bad leg.
Here, all this time, I was thinking I was doing better with the weight bearing bareing barring then I really am.

Okay, that's all I've got for now.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 349

Up, getting ready for physio therapy.  Tired.

Spent a few hours yesterday hunting online for vampire themed party stuff.  Can't find much that is available in Canada. Then thought, Twilight right, it's everywhere.  
Yeah, almost all discontinued, and the few items are again, unable to ship in Canada. I'm starting to feel a bit on the I'm screwed side.

Twenty or Fifteen or even Ten years ago, I would not have had any problems putting together a vampire themed anything.  All from stuff I either had on hand or hunted down at a dollar store.  But now, it's like the time of the vampire craze and I am at a loss.

Anyways, coffee then physio therapy.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 348

I got the movie de jour up. Day 261 
I know, it's been a few days on there since I posted, and the post is short but I managed to get to see a movie. Things should start to get back on track with that. 
When I started the one movie a day for a year challenge,  I never thought about the unexpected things that can get in the way, like health issues, bad weather that causes poweroutages, or unexpected company that just drops in-babysitting in that category.

But I suppose, it's what really makes the challenge a challenge and what makes life life right?

Another short post here this morning.  Now, to make coffee.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 347

It's been one of those days that got derailed early.  I'm only now getting around to my usual internet stuff that I normally have done when I get up.

And, I just remembered ontop of it that there is a pay-per-view wrestling event tonight.  Of which, I'm unable to get. 
Anyways, been working on some of the elements for a project that I will be doing in 2013-movie related- and I completely got wrapped up in it and lost all track of everything else, including time.

Really, just a quick note today.  I've got about a half hour before the usual Sunday company shows up.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 346

No going to the movies this weekend, that plan got shot to hell.

The temp has dropped here to +8c and the winds have picked up.   I guess Fall came early this season. 
Just having a coffee, and hanging out on my obsession GetGlue.   Ever notice that no matter what you're doing in life, you have days that just make you feel like you're being pulled in millions of directions at once, and then days where you hear every tick of the clock.

It's got the feel of a long slow day.  Mom's babysitting, so all we'll be watching is Treehouse channel.  So if you're following the movie blog... I can't make any promises today cause I might not get the chance to watch anything.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 345

Fire trucks in the area for the last few hours.  Woke me up twice.
Seriously, hoping to get the the cinema this weekend. All depends if my sister ever returns our phone calls. 
It's a case of, so tired of being stuck inside that I'll agree to any demands if it means getting out.  I would just normally go to the cinema myself, but I'm still little shaky with stairs, so taking a bus is not an option right now. Not too mention, this city is really horrid for strollers.

Let me explain for all you drivers out there. The amount of teenaged mothers in this city is through the roof, and they always take their strollers on the bus, and don't care who they smash into.  I'm not kidding when I say it's an epidemic. 
The city buses here are designed for wheelchair users to be able to buckle safely in, which means you can fit one motor wheelchair per bus, or two normal wheelchairs per bus.  But the stroller moms, take up those spots. And it's a risk for anyone who has a disability. 
I know there is a new law here that says all strollers must be packed up in their "storage position"  when on the bus and the child either held or seated on the bus properly, but no one actually bothers to follow that law and it ends up dangerous.

Getting way off topic... point was, I'm hoping to get to see a movie this weekend. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

344 evening

Back finally from the doctor's.  Oh my god I was starting to think they had forgotten we were still waiting.
Got my staples and stitches out, and another fresh bandage for a few days.
The good news is that I don't have to see the surgeon again for another 2 months. And that will be my final appointment. 
Bad news is,  now I have to deal with the dentist.   I have no clue what I did to my jaw the other night, but I have to go in about it.    I swear, there is a god or demon, or fairy or gremlin or something out there just cursing me constantly.  I barely get over one health issue and something else happens. 

Day 344

Too early.  I actually woke before my alarm by a half hour.
Getting ready to go to a too early physio therapy again, and then to a doctor's appointment again.
Getting the staples and stitches out today.

Which means I'm going to be sitting around the waiting room for god knows how long before the tech who runs the Fracture Clinic removes my bandages, and tells the doctor how the scar looks, in which point the doctor will step into the room and either nod approval for them to come out in which case, the tech removes them and I go home, or the doctor decides something else will be done. 

I know the routine too well.  I really do look like a Frankenstein monster with all my scars.

Speaking of being an expert at strange stuff, on my latest favourite obsession, GetGlue, I've been trying to get labeled Guru on a few topics.  Only it's a bitch.   There is this one guy who wrote one thing on the fictional characters from Dracula  like two years ago, most of the character topics are empty, except Dracula itself which is always overflowing; but even with my constant attention to the some of the topics, I still can't seem to move up the food chain. Just because one guy made a comment and never returned.
It's like a game.  The people who invented GetGlue are genius. They took the best parts of social networking and the best parts of games and made this site.

Okay, now, to have coffee before I have to get going. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 343

Ever get the feeling you're falling to "keep up"?
As in, you see what everyone else has and you feel like you should be having the same.

I have to admit, I feel that way when I'm viewing other scrapbooking blogs.  When I see the finished projects that all those other scrappers have done, I start feeling like I failed at the hobby because my projects never look that good.
Same thing with my cooking.  When I first started to get back into cooking few years ago, and started to read other cooking blogs, I was always starstruck by how beautiful, and easy their dishes were.
Mine never came out like theirs.   In fact, 8 out 10 times, my dishes were disasters.

It gets intimidating to say the lest.

I was just on one of the scrapbooking sites, to see what some of the new products are for Fall/Halloween,  and when I spotted some of the latest projects from the members on the site, I just felt so deflated.
They are just so good.  I have to wonder where most of them find the time to work on their projects?  These are people- mostly married working moms- who crank out twenty or more projects a week like they were just making tea.
Very detailed projects that use seven or eight techniques and themes per project.

There was a time in my life, about 20 years ago, when none of this would have even hit my radar.  I have no idea why as I get older stuff like this has started to pick at me?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

342 b

Back from physio.  My knee is killing me now. Not the bones or even the joints, but the flesh.  The staples feel like they've torn flesh a bit, from where my therapist had me on the rowing machine.  Even with it set to a lower level to accommodate the staples and stitches, it still felt like they were going to burst.
Thank god they come out in two days.

So, if you're paying attention to the countdown on this blog, there are only a handful of days left and the "year" will be officially up.
And given I ran over by like 8 months anyway, it was never a true year.
What I'm getting at is that once it's up, I'm going to start a "fresh year"  and at this point, I am toying with the idea of it being used to follow my getting back into some sort of shape. Given, this ended up following my knee injury, might as well keep a "health" theme with it.

Well, that's what I'm thinking as of this point. 

Day 342

Getting ready for physio therapy.  Had a bad night.  One of those nights where I was just getting to sleep when the alarm went off.
Ribs are killing me.  They have been bothering me more then my knee in the last week. Still have no idea what I did to my ribs.
it's already muggy here, and they are calling for temps of +29c with humidex of +33c here today.  So not happy
Missed WWE Raw last night.  Will have to catch the replay this afternoon, as something is up with the DVR.  It's as if it's suddenly got a mind of its own as to what it wants to tape and what it cancels.  Maybe it's haunted? 
Was just having oatmeal cookies with my first cup of coffee.  I think I'm the only person on the planet who is not much of a fan of chocolate chip cookies.  I much prefer ginger snaps or oatmeal cookies. I know, I'm weird.
Okay, must make proper breakfast now, then wrap my knee in plastic wrap so the bandages don't get wet in the shower. 
Yeah, it's going to be one of those days.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 341

Been up for about an hour, been writing. 

You've all heard me say... or I should say -read that I've typed- about my latest obsession, GetGlue.  I learned about it from a movie.   Few weeks ago, I had done a movie for the challenge, and when I went to get the poster art from the internet, I saw this link for the movie on GetGlue. I wish I had learned about this earlier.

So I have a confession to make. There is this Twilight sticker on there that I want.  Want for my scrapbooking project that ties into my all year movie challenge.  -yes, I missed yesterday's movie as we had company and I did not have a chance to watch anything-
Only, in order to get the sticker, I would have to actually, like and be knowledgeable of Twilight. 

Sort of sucks, all puns intended. And it's a catch-22.  Cause, I'm not knowledgeable of Twilight, and it's always been a hate-lukewarm like-hate  thing I've had for the whole Twilight Saga thing. 
And I'd have to interact with other fans.   Even if I did have a knowledge base of the books vs the movies, I don't think I could stomach interacting with a bunch of  14 year old girls and their Edward obsessed moms.
It's enough knowing that I'm admitting that I am actually looking forward to the last chapter of the movies in November.  

It's a vampire movie, of course I'm looking forward to it.  Specially since I've been stuck on my mom's sofa for so long and missed Dark Shadows, Batman Dark Knight Rises, Snow White and the Huntsman  and the Avengers.  

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 340

Just before I woke up few minutes ago, I had a dream.  In the dream, I was looking the way I had about 9 years ago. Short spikes of platinum blonde hair, pale skin the colour of baby powder, 70 pounds lighter, and I was singing and dancing in my dream.

Yes, I've gained 70 pounds in the last couple of years since my car accident but that's another topic for another time.

But the point was, in the dream, I was extremely happy.  And for a few seconds as I was waking up, I felt that way to my core.  Totally beyond joyful.

Then I realized I'm still currently on the sofa at my mother's with a massive bandage on my knee and reality was back.

The point though I think of the dream, was the feeling.  I don't know if it was to let me know I can and will feel that wonderful again, or to remind me that I am capable of feeling that great?

Anyways, that's my goal, to feel that way again. No matter if I manage to get looking like that again or not.  And given how difficult it's been to loose the weight again since my injuries, I have to accept that I might not.  
The hair is easy enough if I pay a stylist, but my skin doesn't seem to want to behave now that I'm older.  I go outside for two minutes and I seem to burn which just doesn't bounce back like it used to. 

Work on getting the knee back into proper working order, maybe I can be strong enough on it to still sing and dance around the kitchen. Recapture the feeling in the dream.

Hope that anyone who reads this today is dancing and singing too.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

day 339

One of my most favourite sounds on the planet is birds.
Any kind of birds.  It's the one natural sound that is truly musical.  Other then human singing.
Just sitting here now listening to the birds outside the open window.

Was a bad night, as my ribs were really bothering me.  They seem to be getting worse.  But I've had injured ribs before and they don't do anything at the doctor's other then give pain meds, and I already have those from the knee surgery.

Short post this morning, as  I just got up and don't have much to say.   Need to find a movie to watch and figure out a way to fix this story I was writing few weeks ago. 
I had a great occult themed plot for my lead character, then I introduced a new character and suddenly the story became all about him. Which changed my plot. 
So my story needs to be fixed.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 338

What do you consider a comment worthy and one that's not?

I was just checking emails, and there was a comment that was from my movie blog.  So I hit the link to the day in question, only there was no comment.  So I checked the spam box, and sure enough the blog comment was sitting there.

I don't remember having put the filters on for that blog so I read the comment.  And right off it seems like a perfectly normal comment about the movie.  But three sentences in, you can tell it's an add.

It was the length of a paragraph.  And I thought about it for a few minutes, there were no links in it, the person's name linked not to another blog or site or anything but to a profile.

So, I thought what the hell, and let the comment on. They had stuff in the comment that they clearly had come up with themselves, as in nothing that I had already stated, which means they ether were clever enough to do research on the movie or have actually seen it themselves. And they picked up on one thing that I was hinting at but didn't say right out.  

It was the three lines of crap in the middle which was what caused it to be considered spam-a-lot.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 337

Physio therapy actually went okay.  He didn't scream, which I thought for sure he would when I refused to do anything because the surgeon said no bending till after I had my appointment with him today.
In fact, the therapist was impressed by the fact that I've gotten stronger as far as weight baring in the leg.  Up to 75%.

The appointment with the surgeon... ended up waiting an extra two hours, so of course my leg was swollen from sitting with it hanging down.  But, he took the mummy wrap off and was very pleased with how clean the wound was, and how little bruising is actually there. 
Put a smaller bandage on, told me to come back next week for the removal of the stitches/staples, and to get back to physio as soon as possible. 

So, just booked physio for next week.    Everything is back on track.

And for those following the movie blog... should be back on schedule by tonight.

p.s.   Just got this book called " The Ramen King and I, how the inventor of instant noodles fixed my love life"  by Andy Raskin
Should make for an interesting read.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 336

the movie de jour is up. Day 254

Not much to say, managed to get a few blog posts done this morning on various blogs. 
Tomorrow is my doctor's appointment.  I'll let you all know how that goes.

I know, I am letting you know what the movie de jour is, but I have nothing else right now to really talk about, and I never add pictures to this poor empty blog.

Honestly, I'm still really addicted to GetGlue.  I'm on there as ArdethBlood if anyone wants to keep up with me.  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 335

Quiet day. 
Movie de jour was up about two hours ago. Day 253

Greatly feeling the deprive of not having anything in the vampire genre to watch.  Yes, I'm having vampiric withdrawls.  

Ribs still hurt, scar is beyond itchy.   My physio therapist called, and switched my appointment.  I have no idea what the guy thinks he's going to accomplish by having me come to physio two hours before my doctor's appointment on Thursday, given I'm bandaged like a mummy and can't do a damned thing at the moment.  Any kind of bending is not going to happen because of the stitches. 
I'm fairly sure they won't be coming out for at lest another week.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 334

Birds outside are making noise, in a good way.
Checked in on GetGlue,  I'm so beyond addicted.  And I just don't want to think about how much of a tv junkie I've become since being at mom's.

When I finally get back home, I will be stuck without cable once again.  I've gotten too spoiled here with her having the Shaw Video On Demand package.  Too spoiled. It's all I've done.  Watch movies and tv.
Yeah, the knee injury ruined my life a bit, but hey I got to see more movies for the all year movie challenge then I otherwise would have.

That's not a good trade off at all.

Which brings me back to my latest addiction. The stickers on GetGlue.  There is a wrestling sticker of Jimmy Jacobs that I am wanting.  Only, I haven't managed to unlock it yet.

So, as you can tell; it's one of those random thoughts pouring out of my hands sort of mornings.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

day 333

I'm officially addicted to the show Big Bang Theory
My mother got me hooked on it.  That's bad.   Normally I'm the one who gets others hooked on a show, but since being stuck here with the knee, I've gotten sucked into Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, and back into Young and the Restless.
Shows I would never have been able to stomach before.  Well, I was a fan of Y/R back years ago, but had given up on it when I moved out on my own, now over a decade later, right back to being a fan. Tv can be so evil.

Like last night, ended up watching the NBC showing of the Rock vs Cena match.  I was thinking it would be commercial free, but it wasn't.  For all the hype it wasn't very special at all.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 332

Just hit Day 250 on the movie challenge blog  

We are suppose to get a massive thunder storm today,  and I really hope we do.  The heat here has spiked again in the last few days.

I hurt my ribs the other day.  Don't even know what I did, just stretched and there was a popping sound and now every so often I can't take a deep breath and it aches.
That's the crappy reality of having O.I.  You move the wrong way sometimes and you're hurt.

Well, I've blogged a bit this morning and now it's time for coffee.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 331

Sitting here, swollen, with a headache.
There's this site I found the other day, GetGlue.   It's my latest obsession.  You post and vote on movies and stuff.

Staring at the computer on that site is part of the reason I have a headache. 

Going to keep this short right now, as all I've done today is watch a movie and Bold and the Beautiful
Yes,  the movie de jour was up this morning Day 249

The muscle spams in the knee have started and you don't even want to know how that feels right now.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 330

So the surgery yesterday, went fine as far as I can tell.
I was waiting an extra 2 hours for it though, everyone was behind schedule.

So I'm wrapped up from middle of the thigh to middle of the shin like a mummy, and it burns.  The best way to describe it is like when you scrape your elbow or hand or something and you have a slight burning feeling, well times that by fifty and that's how my knee is.

Then there was the nausea after the surgery.  I was non-stop vomiting for about three hours when I came home yesterday. 

Big fun came this morning, when I had to call physio therapy and cancel my appointment for Monday.  My therapist hit the roof, and all I could say was that the surgeon told me no bending for a week till after he sees me.   They had to reopen almost the full scar to pull the wires out, so the surgeon doesn't want the stitches to burst. 

So no physio. 

And for those following the movie blog, things should be back on track later today.