Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 191

Just posted Day 45 on the movie de jour

The movie unnerved me.  I found it disturbing.  Which is how I like my horror films.  Yes, I did a horror film for today's entry.

I'm off to mother's later today.  Which means, tomorrow's movie de jour will either have to wait till I get back later tomorrow night or I will have to post without a poster.   I found last week when I posted the to the movie blog from mom's computer that it was such a hassle getting the movie poster to work. It just didn't want to work proper for me.  So, if in the case that I watch a movie at her place and write it up, there will be no poster for it until I'm able to get home. 
I'm sure this is keeping you all my dears on the edge of your seats.  But then again this is a drama free zone so this is as intense as I'm allowing on here.

Speaking of photos, I realize I nearly never put any on here.

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