Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 198

Movie de jour is up.  Day 52
Fighting with mother's computer again, so I will have to go in later and fix the post on the movie blog.  And you might be thinking why didn't I just wait in general till I got home?  Cause, I am stubborn and I like to have the posts done as early in the day as possible.
Besides, I watched it last night and in my brilliance, did not take notes.

That's the thing about watching a movie at mother's,  I have no control over what movie I see.  Which, in a way is a good thing for the project.   And when I say I have no control over the choice, it's because I either have to watch whats on tv or pick something that is G to PG because my mother hates everything.  So even with the whole Shaw Video On Demand,  I am limited to what mother will approve. 

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