Thursday, January 26, 2012


Coffee, and the 69 Eyes on the cd player.   I have only been able to get one of theirs here in Canada and I had to get it imported.  The Angels cd.
Anyways, fabulous throw back metal bands are not the reason I'm blogging right now. Normally, topics like that are better suited for my main blog, but I felt this blog needed a shift in energy. 
I have blogged myself into a bit of a pickle.  My poor cooking blog hasn't been given any attention in months.  Which, if the experiment I have planned for this weekend works, it will get a few short posts.
And they will of course, tie to the movie I've been blabbling about for the last few weeks.
Which, as I read what I am typing, realize that all this only makes sense to me at the moment because I haven't said what movie has inspired this kitchen planning.  But, I'm hoping it does not fail. 
Succeed or fail, I always post my recipes. 
Other short topics, my knitting.  Terrible really. I was hoping for a knitting class, but seems I'm out of luck right now.  And the For Dummies books only take you so far.  Though, I've yet to break down and buy the knitting for dummies,  I have the Quilting for dummies. And we already know how many problems that craft is causing in me.
With the movie challenge I'm feeling good.  Really good.  I know for some of you reading this blog it feels like I've been at it forever, but I've only been at the movie challenge for a mire 7 weeks.  Saturday will make the 8 week mark.
Still wishing now  that I had been smart enough to have posted it all on here and not having created a separate blog for it.  I suppose why I am feeling the need to create this nice long blog post, because I feel I have been not using this blog as well as I could... Blogger's Guilt???
Okay, half the cd has played since I started typing this post.    I am off to my mother's again this afternoon to mess up her kitchen with the first round of recipes.  ...Wish me luck.

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