Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 213

Movie de jour is up.  Day 67

When working on a crafting project, always remember to check the size of the glue sticks when buying a new glue gun.
I was working few days ago on the cover for the scrapbook, and all my pieces were falling off because of the glue I had. 
I decided to break down and get a glue gun.  So I got one, and it said use mini sticks.  
The packages of glue sticks beside it in the next shelf, said mini.   I bought some.  Turns out, not as mini as they are suppose to be.   Sticks are too big for the hole.

Process that for a second stop laughing, I realize it sounds like a dirty joke so I will rephrase.

The glue sticks are the wrong size for the glue gun.
Now stop laughing at the fact I bought the wrong ones. 

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