Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 247

So yeah, the movie de jour has been up for hours. Day 112

Here's my question... what's the point of doing something online if there is no audience for it? 
Or at lest, when you're not too sure you're actually reaching people?   

It's on my mind today because, as I said a few posts back, I've been thinking a lot lately about returning to the wrestling reviews.  Only, I'm not sure it's worth my energy. 
In the beginning, it was the one thing that seemed to be what drew people to my writing, but since I stopped not one reader has asked why.   Granted, I'm still getting hundreds of hits a week to my main blog looking for stuff to do with certain wrestlers, but that's mostly trash views. 
People looking for gossip like who posed naked or who's involved with who. Stuff I just don't handle. 
The rest just want to see photos of their hair. 

So I'm feeling very... I don't even know what I'm feeling.  Part of it is the fact that when I started doing the reviews, there wasn't anyone else doing things the way I was.  Now, there are hundreds.  Many of which devote their entire free life and working life to it and are ten times better then I was at it.  I know this because they are the ones who landed the interviews and the press passes and etc.

So I guess besides asking what's the point of doing something online if there is no apparent audience, would be how do you reach your dreams/goals if you have no idea if that's still where you should be?

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