Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 254

Boom, today's movie de jour is up, Day 124 plus an extra post.  I'm going to be part of a large community thingie on the net next week.  A blogathon, where movie fans/bloggers talk about our favourite years in movies.
I plan on totally being my dorky self so it should be fun.

Yesterday, I spent a nice chunk of the afternoon - over four hours actually- working on a wrestling review.

Yes you read right, over 4 hours on one blog post.
This was the first time my mother ever witnessed my doing a wrestling review and she kept asking "are you finished yet?".  Put me in mind of a little kid always asking "are we there yet?" 
She never believed me before on how long it takes to do a review.  Now she knows.  It takes hours to cover a 2hour show.
And yes, I was rusty.  I know I spelled one of the newer wrestler's name wrong, and when I saw my post after it was posted and way too late to fix, I spotted more typos then I want to admit to.  

But still it's the best thing I posted all week.

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