Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 256

Physio therapy was this morning. 
It did not go well.   I'm suppose to be able to have 60% range of motion before I go back to see the doctor next week.   I have 15%.   That's like nothing. I might as well be at zero.
The therapist was a total babe, too bad I ended up crying like one.  I'm in for a really long year trying to get back to where my body was before the accident.

And I'm still waiting to hear about the range of motion brace.  I should have had this thing weeks ago.  At lest the therapist took the time to explain why it's so important, unlike my doctor who just yelled for ten minutes. 
Then he snickered sort of because he's never had a patient at such a disadvantage as me with my mobility.

anyways, that's the health update for today.  I head back into therapy tomorrow morning.  I hope it goes a bit better.  

And the movie de jour.   I posted day 126 this morning.

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