Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 265

So I did a bonus post yesterday once the issues seemed to straighten out.
Today's movie de jour was posted this morning. Day 139

We hit +17c today here.  Nice. 

I know this blog is suppose to be a place that is drama free, but I'm sitting here right now trying not to throw stuff at my mother.   Oh my god! I remember why I moved out to begin with. 
According to my doctor and my physio therapist, I'm looking at another 6 months before I'm anywhere near what they consider fine. 
6 months!  I am not sure I can handle another six weeks let alone 6 months of having to share space with my mother.
And it was a total mess this morning with my physio therapist when he found out whomever it was that signed my original hospital release forms after the surgery, put down on that I was fully able to do stairs.
I can not.  If I was even slightly able to do stairs I would be home not on my mother's sofa. 

okay now that I got that out...

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