Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 267

Ever start to feel intimidated by what you see on the internet?

I've been spending a lot of my time hanging out on scrapbooking communities and looking at other people's scrapbook blogs.
I'm blown away by the pieces, and slightly freaking out.  The stuff is just gorgeous. 
I've go so many project ideas of my own cramming around in my brain, but unable to do any of them because all my craft stuff is still at my apartment while I'm still stuck on my mom's sofa. 

9 weeks since I broke my leg.  The pep talks from my physio therapist are not helping.  He means well, just... lest he's not yelling at me like some of the other therapists do to their patients.
I think in the three week's I've been going in, I've had one day where I did not cry.  I just can't get over the pain of it. I don't remember there being this much pain with my last injury.

The movie challenge movie de jour is up. Day 144  
If I can get my hands on some of my crafting supplies soon, I have a few ideas to incorporate for the movie challenge. 

Don't even ask me about book club.   I've already missed 2 of my own book club meetings -had to cancel them- because of my knee.  Will be on crutches for a few more months. 

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