Thursday, May 31, 2012

280 Day

Just got back from the doctor's.
Super long day, been at the hospital since 8am.  

My doctor's appointment went well.  He was pleased with the x-rays, everything is healed. He was happy with the fact I've made it to a 90 degree bend. And he decided to put me into the schedule for the second surgery to remove the wires within the month. 
So now it's just waiting for the surgeon to have a spot.

Then, physio therapy.  More weight baring today. My therapist did the math and figured I'm able to put 60% of my weight through my bad leg.  Better then he thought I could.  So that's a happy.
Then he took away one of my crutches.  Made me do laps around the room a few times before I got the damned thing back.

Then, mom had an appointment with her eye doctor.  So I ended up sitting for an extra hour and a half and now my knee is just beyond swollen.

That was my day. 

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