Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 270

Physio therapy today was quiet.  Only two of the therapists were working this morning, and therefore there were only about 5 of us patients there.
This was after one gentleman passed out.  He was then rushed up to the second floor where the emergency area is by my therapist.   

Dude, that would be scary. 

Then, my therapist had me walking a few feet without the brace.   This is the first time I've even stood up without it.  And you know when you watch a chicken or a pigeon  walk around, I sort of looked like that for the ten feet I had to walk.
Just trying to adjust to the weightlessness all of a sudden of not having this heavy four pound brace on my leg.  Leg up knee slightly bent unsure of my footing hover then take step.  Did this five or six times before I got the whole gravity thing. 

Dude, I am literally having to learn to walk again.

And yes, the movie de jour was posted few hours ago before I went to physio.   Day 150

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