Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 273

So I'm back... so to speak. 
Had to down grade from a Mac to a PC, and even the guys at the store were raising an eyebrow and asking why I would chose to do that?

I had no choice, as my Mac died and I needed a new computer and I'm broke.  Now, I'm beyond broke.  This computer was under $500, and I just hope it lasts me the year until I can save up for another Mac.  i will never get used to this ...
And I have to try to remember all my links, passwords etc.   GGGRRR

The movie de jour. Day 155.

Tomorrow, doctor's appointment.  And a scary thing happened at physio therapy this morning, I made the comment that it still feels broken sometimes, and my therapist said "That's because it is still broken. It's healing, but it's going to be broken for like a year" 
I cried.

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