Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 289

The big craze right now in scrapbooks are the Smash journals.  I got one there few weeks back, and have only used half of it, but already I'm looking to get another. 
It's the hybrid of scrapbooking and keeping a journal.  

This is the style of scrapping that I've been doing my whole life, it just has a name now.  Cool, I was a legend in my own lunchtime.
The only thing is, and this is where my pudding brain zombieness took over, I picked the style of Smash book because of how nice the pictured-designed pages were.   Now, I'm not wanting to cover the scrapbook pages with my stuff.  Sort of defeats the purpose of the thing. 

So, my next one will be just random and I won't even look at the style of pages until after I get it home. 

So you might be thinking, why on this lovely rainy day, an I mumbling about this art project?  Cause I am, I can and there is nothing else really to do right now.   That, and because of a major thunder storm last night which caused a power out here,  I didn't get to watch a movie last night.  So I'm a day behind on my movie challenge.
But, because of it, I ended up working on my scrapbooking by flashlight.  Now, if I could just figure out how to take photos with this PC's webcam... I so can not wait till I can afford a MAC again!

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