Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 293

So it's Canada Day, and I'm sitting here by myself, as mother was invited to my aunt and uncle's for the day.  Here's the thing, everytime I start talking about getting home, my mother starts to panic.  She doesn't think I can handle getting back to a normal life.  Even today, it took both my aunt and uncle calling to get her to go out. 
I'm currently cripple I'm not a child.  Though sometimes I get treated like one.

If you're following the movie challenge blog, then today you will find a Canadian theme with the movie de jour and an extra post.

Been doing some drawings.  Which, if I can get to a proper camera anytime soon, or at lest a webcam that doesn't make everything blurry, I'll get some photos of my doodles up at some point. 

Till later.

Pasta salad for supper

Happy Canada Day

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