Tuesday, July 24, 2012

day 306

How much can we really juggle?

I blog.  It's all I seem to do anymore, and I'm not devoting my time to anything solidly.
I blog about wrestling, I blog about movies, I blog about my health, I blog about relationships and I'm suppose to be blogging about cooking and books but at the moment I've had to put those two topics on hold.

I have not had a chance to do anything video wise in months. Then again, most of the videos I was doing were for the cooking and wrestling blogs.

I wanted to create a "newspaper"  online but the format for that only runs through twitter and facebook. So that was out of the question. Which sort of sucked.  I'd still like to find a way to do an online paper to sort of combine everything so that the few readers I have don't have to spend hours jumping around so much to check to see if I've updated that day.

I don't get paid to blog.  I've thought about signing up for stuff to earn money blogging but it just doesn't feel right. Not for me. 

And I'm still waiting to hear back about the second surgery.  Which is driving me nuts.

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