Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 307

The movie de jour is up. Day 223

Little disappointed on the blogathon. I've had a bunch of hits for it, but no one has signed up for it yet. I guess, if this fails, there's no need to try another one.

We have had rain and thunder storms off and on since last night.  My kind of weather.  Only, it's knocked out the cable and internet few times.  So that's not so good.

The cable, which means still at mother's. I've had two near falls in the last few days and now no one trusts me to be alone.  My mother hid my keys to my apartment.  Hid them!  you hide the car keys for a drunk you don't hide apartment keys on a cripple.
I'm starting to feel like a prisoner. I stopped feeling like an adult months ago.

I was trying to make pancakes for supper, but had to give up mid way because I could not stand in the kitchen long enough.

It's been a long few months and it's taking it's toll on me.

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