Sunday, August 19, 2012


Been a busy morning with the blogging stuff.

The movie de jour is up, day 245
Did some blogging on my vampire blog as well.  And hanging around the movie groups I'm part of.

Who would have thought that the online movie groups would end up taking up so much time?  Only on the weekends it seems, which makes sense as everyone else on there have real jobs.
I do believe I mentioned my little bit of jealousy for the ones in there that have paying jobs as movie critics and such... I will some day too... unless that magic writing job for the wrestling industry happens.

I'm allowed to dream big too you know. Just because my health is not the best and I'm a long way from walking proper, or climbing stairs without help for that matter, doesn't mean that I can't do a few interviews or the like.

I also know, I'll have to put a ton more hours into the wrestling blog and wrestling reviews if I want to get something like that.  And at the moment that's just not in the picture.  I just keep thinking back to three years ago when I was putting in over 20 hours a week on the wrestling blog, and the stress it slapped on me. 
I'd forgotten how many sleepless nights and stressful hours I used to spend when I was still a reporter/journalist back when I worked at the local tv station.  And that was when I was 19-21 years of age, when I could handle the hours.

did I just talk myself out of my dreams?

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