Sunday, August 26, 2012

day 333

I'm officially addicted to the show Big Bang Theory
My mother got me hooked on it.  That's bad.   Normally I'm the one who gets others hooked on a show, but since being stuck here with the knee, I've gotten sucked into Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, and back into Young and the Restless.
Shows I would never have been able to stomach before.  Well, I was a fan of Y/R back years ago, but had given up on it when I moved out on my own, now over a decade later, right back to being a fan. Tv can be so evil.

Like last night, ended up watching the NBC showing of the Rock vs Cena match.  I was thinking it would be commercial free, but it wasn't.  For all the hype it wasn't very special at all.

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