Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 338

What do you consider a comment worthy and one that's not?

I was just checking emails, and there was a comment that was from my movie blog.  So I hit the link to the day in question, only there was no comment.  So I checked the spam box, and sure enough the blog comment was sitting there.

I don't remember having put the filters on for that blog so I read the comment.  And right off it seems like a perfectly normal comment about the movie.  But three sentences in, you can tell it's an add.

It was the length of a paragraph.  And I thought about it for a few minutes, there were no links in it, the person's name linked not to another blog or site or anything but to a profile.

So, I thought what the hell, and let the comment on. They had stuff in the comment that they clearly had come up with themselves, as in nothing that I had already stated, which means they ether were clever enough to do research on the movie or have actually seen it themselves. And they picked up on one thing that I was hinting at but didn't say right out.  

It was the three lines of crap in the middle which was what caused it to be considered spam-a-lot.

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