Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 345

Fire trucks in the area for the last few hours.  Woke me up twice.
Seriously, hoping to get the the cinema this weekend. All depends if my sister ever returns our phone calls. 
It's a case of, so tired of being stuck inside that I'll agree to any demands if it means getting out.  I would just normally go to the cinema myself, but I'm still little shaky with stairs, so taking a bus is not an option right now. Not too mention, this city is really horrid for strollers.

Let me explain for all you drivers out there. The amount of teenaged mothers in this city is through the roof, and they always take their strollers on the bus, and don't care who they smash into.  I'm not kidding when I say it's an epidemic. 
The city buses here are designed for wheelchair users to be able to buckle safely in, which means you can fit one motor wheelchair per bus, or two normal wheelchairs per bus.  But the stroller moms, take up those spots. And it's a risk for anyone who has a disability. 
I know there is a new law here that says all strollers must be packed up in their "storage position"  when on the bus and the child either held or seated on the bus properly, but no one actually bothers to follow that law and it ends up dangerous.

Getting way off topic... point was, I'm hoping to get to see a movie this weekend. 

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